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Devolution of Women

Gendo_IkariSep 23, 2019, 7:49:21 PM

         The late 20th and 21st centuries have been a disaster for the female gender. From the sexual “revolution” to intersectional feminism, the female gender has been lied to and destroyed.

         Instead of epitomizing the Olympian/Valhallian ideal of the goddesses, modern women have turned to the Lilithian damnation. The higher ideas of motherhood, devotion of the wife, religiosity, and teaching have been forsaken for the lower ideas of sexual prowess, hedonism, stupidity, and drugs. Athena, Idunn, Aphrodite, Freya, Demeter, Frigg, and Artemis have been thrown into the dust bin for only Lilith now stands in the minds of the modern western women. No longer do modern women want to have children, they desire to become wage slaves or sexual objects. Feminism will on one hand say that women should not be sexualized by men, only to turn around and devalue women to their tits, ass, vaginas or any other orifice. Rather than being covered in the garb of the mother and devoted wife, she gladly covers herself in the Babylonian scarlet and purple. Losing herself in the strange and degenerate, she devotes herself to having as much sex as physically possible, destroying her mind forever and her body by staining it with the seed of many other men.

         At one point in human history women would be serving the gods as oracles or priestesses, they would be divine mothers such as saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine. Guiding the next generation of men and women, selecting the best men to mate with and have father the next generations. The care and love from the mother unto the civilization was so great in the times of antiquity that greatness knew no limit. European Goddesses were adorned with many titles along with masses of worshipers, glittering temples, and intricate rituals/mysteries. Marble statues with bronze/silver/gold trim portray beautiful women who exemplify the higher ideals of femininity, paintings of extravagant scenes of Helena of Troy-Odyssey’s wife Penelope-along with queens and princesses of medieval Europe. Images of another time, a long-forgotten age, women were not in so much as equal to men-they were a partner in building the vast civilizations of the Persians, Chinese, Greeks, and many others. While the men would bleed and savagely kill for their people, women would nurture-teach-and prophesize the nature of the divine.

       No longer is this the case, Christian secularism has sought to remove all higher morals from both genders, lowing the higher Aryan civilization into a pig like mess lapping up degenerate slop. In the pursuit of making all forms of “humanity” equal we have renounced the teachings of the old gods, slapping them in the face and proclaiming that mud-sickness-decay-and ultimately death is preferable to the Olympian truth.

        In the ancient Jewish folklore, a being of the name Lilith exists, Adams first wife who, in an act of treasonous greed, demanded to have power over Adam. For such a sacrilege she was cast out and left to wander the desert of the devoid, she took many suitors and bathed herself as a whore would bath herself. She became the mother of demons, who inconsequently kills her own children, aborting their life. In a cruel twist of fate, modern women are POSESSED by the demonic entity of Lilith. She scorns the idea of family for the false reality of love from all men, believing this gives her power over them. She lies and distorts her mind until she fully believes the insidious falsehoods for her hellish nightmare are actually that of a liberated heaven.

        No one exemplifies this more than William Nicholas Parrott, known on YouTube as Contrapoints. William published a video on Aug 23, 2019 about the topic of men, during the course of said presentation William displays all the negative characteristics of the female gender. The traits on display; bimbo, narcissism, vanity, ditzy are all in the vain attempt to appear as a woman. Men appropriate this image to gain a modicum of power, for as men they have no power due to the feminization of society. However due to the high consumption of pornographic material and living in a hyper sexual drug fueled life style they have no conception of what a woman truly is. This is not only in display in the “trans community” but also within drag queen/kid nonsense. They dress in a purely parody like fashion, attempting to hyper sexualizing themselves however, they appear demonic and satanic to all sane people. The failure of this appropriation leads to depression, despair, and in some cases suicide due to the final realization that they will never and can never become a woman. Another failure is the inability to realize that they do not even understand what it means to be a women or a man, as they clad themselves in horrific rags, hyper sexualizing into a parody and basing their understanding of women and what it means to be a woman on the non-reality of pornographic material. Truly they are a dark negative mirror image of what a woman can be if she reaches up toward the heights of Olympus.

      A disturbing revelation occurs once a woman nears 30 however. She has decreased in value, according to the sexual market place the closer a woman is to 20 the better. She is unaware of this fact until she is no longer wanted by any man, only to cry out in pain as no one wants her any longer. In her quest to become free of all responsibility, she has damned not only her soul but her body and any future of having happiness or a long-lasting relationship. The despair she feels in this instance is over whelming, causing some to scream in pure terror at the fact that their hyper reality has been shattered to reveal the true form that they have taken, a disgusting-vile-purple clothed pig covered in the distained smell of dried seed and alcohol. Cool wine aunt, this is all she is relegated to, as her constant consumption of BC and Dionysian drink has deteriorated her inner temple. No longer does she manifest the gods within her, for such an act would be only for those who seek to rid themselves of slave mentality and liken themselves to divinity.

       Suicide has unfortunately increased in women around the age of 30, for once her world has been shattered nihilism sets in to deliver the death blow. For even as some would wish to “emancipate” women from all forms of responsibility, this is nothing more than a magician’s illusion. For no mortal is an island, nor a fortress unto him/herself, companionship and family are needed in all human shapes. By turning toward the enslavement to a “loving” corporation she has only sold her soul and many years of her life to a Judaic organization built from the ground up to grind people to dust, extract the money, and toss away the “trash”. By “emancipating” themselves from all the higher ideals of life, they have damned themselves to walk in the foot prints of Kain, for there is no rest for the wicked indeed. Once she has turned 30, she is cast out of her demonic “garden of Eden” to wander the desert of the real, for no one shall come when she begs into the empty sky for mercy.