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Fear comes from ignorance. Knowledge is strength!

GatoVillanoApr 4, 2020, 5:13:03 AM

I’m sick and tired of talking about corona shan, so I want to make sure no stones are left unturned.

I want to provide a pragmatic and logical way to look at this issue, because so far, I mostly see people panicking and acting irrationally.

I will try to explain this with simplified science that everyone can understand.

I want to start by talking about the humoral immunity:

If you look at any flu seasons, you will immediately see that the virus spreads like wildfire. Tiny water particles produced by people coughing will infect other subjects in close vicinity. These water particles will use the mouth, nose, eyes or ears to enter the host.

Once the virus is inside the body, the body has an arsenal of tools at its disposition to fight the infection. The first of which are dendritic cells. These cells will swallow the alien body through phagocytosis. The virus will be broken down with peroxide contained in the cell and the antigens will be presented on the surface of the cell.

An infection is often followed with inflammation, due to the increased permeability of the blood vessels allowing the dendritic cells to reach the lymph nodes. These nodes are filled with lymphocytes B and T. Every lymphocyte is specific to a single antigen. A virus possesses many different antigens.

The dendritic cells presents the antigens to specific T helper cells. These T helper cells activate lymphocyte B and lymphocyte T cytotoxic. The lymphocytes that are activated will begin to multiply. Some of the cells produced will be used to fight the infections and others will become memory cells to fight the infection.

The first line of defense comes from the lymphocyte B that produces antibodies specific to the virus. Once the alien body is tagged with an antibody, it is marked for destruction. This is the humoral immunity.

The T cytotoxic cells will act later to kill of any cells that were infected.

This immunity will peak after 2 weeks, but when you are an healthy individual, the initial response will be so fast that you will hardly notice the infection, if at all.

This is the case for the vast majority of us.

It is very unlikely that at this point any of us has not been exposed to the disease. This means that your immune system has already fought or is fighting the infection and you are building an immunity to the disease as we speak.

Now that we have the tools necessary to understand how our immune system fights, let’s analyze how we were told to react to this ‘’pandemic’’:

Is it logical to self isolate when we know that almost everyone has been exposed to the virus? Wouldn’t it be more logical to focus on those who suffer from the symptoms instead of imprisoning everyone in their homes?

But what are the symptoms:

The 3 mains symptoms are fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

Fever is easy to deal with. Take some Tylenol to bring down your fever and you will be fine.

Coughing is nothing to write home about either. In fact, we are in the middle of a flu season and the allergy season is starting. There are many reasons why people might cough right now.

So the single and only important symptom is respiratory distress. This is caused by pneumonia following the viral infection.

Most people are not aware of this, but pneumonia is a very common condition. If you work in a pharmacy, it is not rare to see 5 to 10 cases of pneumonia in a single day. Kids and the elderly are more susceptible to have this condition and usually a week of antibiotics will fix the problem.

Let’s entertain the thought that this is a new disease and that treating this type of pneumonia is difficult. It is still illogical to isolate any other patients than those who suffer from pneumonia because all the other patients are not in a life threatening situation and they can go on with their lives.

But I get it. People panic when something happens that is not part of the plan. You can have 640 000 men commit suicide in a single year, no one will care, because this is part of the plan. But 40 000 people die from natural causes from a known virus that has mutated and everyone loses their shit.

But thankfully now that we have a drug to treat the disease, this panic will probably fade, because now there is a plan.

And quite frankly, when the smoke will dissipate and that we analyze what really happened, we will find out that most of the people who died were very old people with serious health conditions that would have died from a cold breeze.

When it is your time to go, it’s your time to go.

Now that we are armed with the knowledge to understand this situation, we realize that the State did everything wrong. None of the measures that were taken made any sense and most of them are absolutely useless.

So what is really happening here?

What is happening is that you are a rat in a labyrinth and your masters are fucking with you so that you will jump through hoops. This entire ‘’crisis’’ was created for the following reasons:

• Make Trump lose the elections

• Destroy capitalism by destroying the economy

• Increase spending

• Have people self isolate in order to easily control them

• Take away all your freedoms

• Implement socialism

And these sociopath tried to do all that by playing on fear resulting from ignorance.

Well I hope I did my part in protecting freedom in the world.

Gato Villano