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Are these devices freeing us or enslaving us?

GatoVillanoFeb 20, 2021, 7:26:04 PM

I was watching a livestream this morning and the topic of Starlink came up. Starlink will be able to provide internet to anyone everywhere on the planet. I pointed out that it was weird that no one was worried about this system having the ability to track people anywhere on the planet and that was when I was called a conspiracy theorist. The topic was changed right away and I don't think we actually addressed the topic AT ALL to be honest.

So I'm going to do so on my channel.

The first thing I would point out is quite obvious: ''Really? In 2021, people actually doubt we are being tracked; listened to and doxed by big tech... How is this a thing? How can people call you a conspiracy theorist after all the shit we have seen in the past 4 years?''

In the UK, Sweden, Canada and some State in the US, cops come knocking at your door for comments you have posted on Twitter or Facebook. Those cops harass you and sometimes even arrest you.

People have their lives destroyed because they made a edgy joke on YouTube. These people aren't able to earn a living anymore because radicals follow them everywhere they go.

Journalists are banned for life from countries because they had the ''wrong opinion'' on the net.

Teachers in Canada lost their jobs because they posted a picture of themselves holding a sign with a message against the government.

How bout kids who are going through a phase when they are young and have stupid ideas. They might realize later in life that their world views were dumb as shit, but now that it is on the internet, it will follow them all their freaking life.

And if you have been so naive as to show your face on the internet... Good luck. What is on the internet is there forever.

So yeah... who is not in touch with reality? The people who do the effort of protecting themselves from the overreach of big tech or those who put their fingers in their ears; shout ''LALALALA, this is not real. You are a crazy person''. 

In the past, the internet was so basic, most people doubted it would eventually become a thing. Then Google came up and made the internet a thing. People praised Google for enriching our lives and internet companies sold us products that were suppose to protect us from hackers.

Then Facebook, Twitter and YouTube gave us social medias and everyone started communicating. Wow! Our lives were enriched...

And then all these internet companies became the arbiters of truth; influencing elections and silencing people who spoke against the mainstream narrative. Those companies even started reporting people to the police for having opinions that were not progressive (which is not supposed to be a crime, but it is the current year...).

So now there is Starlink. Even if Elon Musk is such a great guy, it doesn't mean that the government won't use his creation to spy on the people and to keep us in check.

We should thrive to increase our privacy and our freedom to live our lives the way we want. Maybe this means to impose mechanisms to Starlink that limits the reach of the authoritarians, but you know that when a Democrat is in power, all these measures will be overruled. 

So now you see the dilemma. The grid is constantly growing and it becomes harder and harder to exist outside of it. Yet people cheer every time the grid expends because their lives will be micromanaged by some authoritarian overlord.

I should be shocked that the person who called me a conspiracy theorist is someone who pretends to advocate for freedom. But it is the current year and nothing surprises me much anymore.

Gato Villano