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Rachel Maddow Is Not A Leftist

GailMellorSep 16, 2018, 10:25:24 PM

Rachel Maddow is not a leftist. I see a persistent misunderstanding on the Right about the difference between corporatists (which Maddow is; consider how much this media shill makes, how much power she wields) and the Left, or the difference between neolibs (which Maddow is, comfortable with and working to conceal and sustain global corporate rule and the political corruption that makes it possible) and the Left. The real Left detests both corporatists and neolibs. 

Similarly Richard Spencer with his calls for a profoundly coercive state may be on the Right but he is no Libertarian. 

Global corporations took our country over in the 1980s. Since then a Princeton study shows the Congress of the United States has not followed the will of a the supermajority of US citizens in a single instance. We're taught to blame each other. The Right sees the corporatist state as "the left" because it's a big dictatorial government. The Left sees the corporatist state as "the right" because it's sluicing all money through to megabillionares. So we don't unite and glare together at the corporatist state. The longer that the Right and Left see each other as a blur, with the Right thinking that leftists are neolibs, the Left thinking that rightists are neocons -- when all people working for or in that cabal are global corporatists --  the longer we go forward divided instead of standing up to the common enemy.

Do Right and Left disagree on some vital issues? Yes. Sure. Lockstep groupthink would get us nowhere. I for example see universal healthcare as a crucial form of national defense. Far more of us die every minute from preventable disease than from Al Qaeda. We're wide open to biological weapons attack because we haven't got a national structure to deal with it. War (that is as we in the US know it) is in my view a form of corporate welfare. What consenting adults do in their bedrooms in their business. The requirements of religious marriage are up to the religion. "Civic" marriage, government marriage, is a weird idea at best, but it it exists, it ought to be open to all citizens. You may not agree. 

Those disagreements are surely things that we can discuss, yell at each other about if you wish, AFTER we throw off the yoke of the masters.The Right defines the masters as the New World Order. The Left would call them the One-tenth of One Percent. They're pretty much the same people. 

The genius of the United States used to be our ability to spot our agreements and put our combined strength into the raising of mighty structures, instead of gnawing like hungry rats on our differences. Would you for example agree that we in the US need to end the taxpayer subsidy of global corporations? Can you suggest another points of American agreement? Please. No ideological litmus tests in the comments below. No playing political gotcha and slinging dumb labels. What do we in the US and in the world agree on? Where do you stand on toxic pollution? Can we agree to united opposition to it? Would you agree that we need to get out of the World Trade Organization, with its corporate tribunals empowered to judge and punish nations for caring too much about their land and people?

The "NWO/One Tenth of One Percent" don't have to divide us to conquer us if we're doing it for them. We play right into their hands.

Thanks for thinking about it....