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Who Built The Moon?

Gerry GeronimoNov 29, 2018, 7:51:29 PM

This is a review of "Who Built The Moon?" by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.

Did you know that the Moon and the Sun have exactly the same disc size from an earthly perspective? Coincidence?

The Moon could, by pure chance, end up exactly 1/400th the size of the Sun and occupying an orbit that allows it to stand 1/400th the distance between the Earth and the Sun -- but the odds are, quite literally, astronomically against it.

Too many coincidences.

Isaac Asimov, the respected scientist and science-fiction guru, described this perfect visual alignment as being 'the most unlikely coincidence imaginable.'

Rocks retrieved from the Moon by both America and Russia prove the Earth and the Moon are not only of the same age, but the same material. Except the Moon only contains lighter material (no iron, for example.) The mass of the moon is equivalent to the mass of material taken up by our oceans.

Science attempts to explain this using the "Big Whack" theory - another body colliding with the Earth. However, this theory doesn't explain the present rate of spin by the Earth. So the "Big Whack II" theorizes that a second body struck the Earth.

Without the Moon, life would not exist on Earth.

The authors don't know who built the moon although they advance several theories in this book. They admit they don't know but they encourage that our scientists hold an open mind and study this question more.

I agree.

Christopher Knight and Alan Butler are also the authors of "Civilization One" which I reviewed earlier.

This book is thought provoking.