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I am not religious, I am not an Atheist, I don't believe in the New Age movement, I seek knowledge so I guess you can call me a Truth Seeker. I base my deductions on the totality of information I have examined in depth over many years of research. A deduction is not a "for sure" it is a conclusion that is consistent with all the data in totality without biases or cognitive filtering due to a preferred outcome. My source material is listed on this website at especially in the links and books sections. I also suggest you to take a look at each video I have put on my Youtube playlist called (The Big Picture Of Reality) most of the videos has links in the description section where you can research the source of the information. You can't really know until you do your own research in depth. My purpose here isn't to tell you how things are but instead share pieces of the puzzle along with the source material. If you can know yourself and deal with whatever indoctrinated misinformation you may have and how that may cause cognitive biases and then research and investigate for yourself you will know. It can be a great experience and nothing beats earned knowledge. As it is with the vast majority of people, I was born and told what to think, how to think, what to believe in, etc... Somehow I never lost my critical thinking which caused me to ask endless questions. That inner voice or whatever you call it kept nagging me telling me that I needed to investigate what I was told to think because it was wrong. At first, it was a struggle to deal with cognitive biases, which act as a firewall that keeps information out so that I would not look at the totality of data and evidence about reality. I eventually challenged myself to make a model of reality that fit the entirety of information, and I continue to add to that body of knowledge and continue to process it and study it.

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Take down the elite. Burn their wealth. Expose the truth. Power to the People. Don't fight races or religion, Unite, and stand up againt evertthing that holds down our nature tot thrive as one species. Imagine what we could accomplish.

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