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I mostly write/talk about politics and Fortean happenings and investigations. I have also written Sci-Fi. Extremes just aren't for me. I can't follow back because the limits changed and I don't have enough hours in the day to sort it out.

Level 27 in life. God mode in dreams.

Hello! 馃槉 My n邪me is Tina! 馃槜 I w邪nt to meet friend for love! 馃槞 褋h械褋k link - , my login - itovochflom1986 馃槏 I'll w邪it for you 馃挍馃槆馃槉

Probably alt right somewhere 馃槀

this site claims to be for free thinkers really? most of you people are cowards. you go to work and come home jump on this site and bitch piss and moan. why not go out and be active and do something to restore the constitution. you follow there rules and you people do nothing. when you look at my picture for the first time you will see a real American. unlike most of you i truly am free. feel free to drop by and i can open your mind. wake you people the fuck up

A guy who likes space and motorcycles

Mar 2017
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