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Fancy Chocolate Toxicity

FoodGoonJun 26, 2018, 1:24:30 AM

It's time... it's time to stop making weak ass junk food in fancy packaging and selling it as "an experience"...

WTF is with these fancy-ass chocolate companies popping up all over the place, wrapping janky bars in sophisticated packaging?

My special lady, Crumbelina brought home some fancy chocolates I'd never heard of, and I gotta say that these are probably the most annoying pieces of shit I've ever seen...

Straight from the back of the package reads this fruity garbage:

MY STORY - In my 30's I left a tech career in Venezuela to chase my passion for food, all the way to culinary school in Paris. Now, as a chocolatier, I have the privilege of living out my joy by crafting delicious, premium chocolate experiences for you. I hope they make you smile, maybe even giggle, so you'll share the joy too. Together, let's make the world an even sweeter place.
With gratitude,
Chef Michael Antonorsi

Seriously... who the fuck "giggles" after eating a piece of chocolate? Gross...

These "chocolatier companies" can keep churching up their glorified mr. Goodbars but the only people they're fooling are single women with a heard of  house cats, and pretentious foodie cunts. 

I'll stick to the Reese's pieces and maybe Ferrero Rocher, but that's about as fancy as I'm prepared to get over a damn candy bar.