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"Of Industry"

FireAwayMarmotMay 9, 2023, 3:59:59 PM

“of” denotes power, as of a Monarch to a Subject


this is demonstrated by the switch from “Coloured” to “of Colour”, following the Marxist trope from “Coloured/Object” to “Subject/of Colour”


to be "of Colour" is to be of Engenderment


Engenderment being a thrice generation of the mind (“der / ter” = three)


resulting from the formation of the cube within the Star of David


and so the cube’s facets are as follows:


Front/Exoteric  1.Face  2.Voice  3.Frame


Back/Esoteric  1.Identity  2.Volume  3.Frequency


Face is of Identity


Voice is of Volume


Frame is of Frequency


there is a seventh value that combines all of the facets of any cube




as in to be Feted, or Celebrated


(Cel)ebration across boundary


for it is an accumulation of values from another level in correspondence with this one


that level being of Spirit


however it is important to note that all cubes are Worldly 


and each cube is  in fact, an industry formulated in the mind




One / Two / Three


and both the Exoteric and Esoteric formulations are mental replications of Reproduction


Reproduction being the concept of: One In One makes Three ("in" representing one, therefore 111)


what this means is that Cubes, being of Industry, are mockeries of Nature, protected by Fetish


this is why Kayfabe is defined as "How we protect our industry"