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Submissive man Socially awkward Shy at first

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You can send me dogecoin tips by using the QR code, in my page header, or the following wallet address: D6r2oKbwYJfXVggvJ8D9Unewa5kDjtNKU5 🐕 🚀 🌙 Thank you!!

The country has been captured by globalist forces. 1. Turn off your TV 2. Go OTG on your phone 3. Shop Locally 4. Decrease your social media use 5. Go outside, meet people IRL 6. Learn how to shoot and maintain firearms 7. Have a bug out plan 8. Start a family 9. Avoid toxic people 10. Exercise your mind and body

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Former gamer, alcohol and pornography addict to Healer. You can do it to! I can help people of all ages who may be suffering with these perceived “illnesses”.

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This is just a random channel. Don't expect much. I'm not here to entertain, but to speak and share my mind. If you like what I have to say, or what I share about what I do, great? If not, so what? I'm nobody all that special.

Aug 2018
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