Building an #Identitarian #ethnoplural future for the entire world.
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Individual Rights * Democracy * Economic Freedom * Freedom of speech * Self-reliance * Blind Justice * Secularism We are British activists advocating for liberal values in our country. Centrists ranging from centre-left (social liberal) to centre-right (classical liberal). If you are British national who believes in our principles and opposes identitarian mindset, join our group:

Alt-Right. I do a few things here and there, but I've started a YT channel under the same name.

Anarchist, Atheist, Misanthrope, Cantankerous Contrarian with little regard for all that you hold dear. Feline identitarian and cat supremacist.

🇩🇪🇺🇸European-American/ German-American Identitarian who loves his fellow ethnic and racial group of people. 🇩🇪🇺🇸

White Identitarian -White Nationalist -Ethnonationalist Capitalist ____________________________ MOTIVATION/INFORMATION

Join or support the movement in your country: Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland / Germany Identitás Generáció Ungarn Hungary.. Identitäre Bewegung Österreich / Austria: Generace Identity Tschechische Republik / Czech Republic: Generacija Identitete Slowenien / Slovenia: Generazione Identitaria Italien / Italy: Generación Identitaria Spanien / Spain: Generation Identitaire Frankreich / France: Generation Identity Canada: . Generation Identity United Kingdom Patriot Front USA Identitaires Louisiana Cajun: ETH - 0x57ad5579f62b38f84d79dc36e23653273ea811a9 BTC - bc1q0l2tga3dl2qx5f8l4cu24uwjchp5mqwtcg78s6

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