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This site is for educational purposes only like all my platforms are. I equally condemn national socialism (Nazism), fascism and socialism/communism since they killed family members of mine! Also Islam is not a religion of peace, just read the damn Quran (I do dislike acts like the Christchurch eco-fascist shooting since it violates the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) and self ownership though!). I hate terrorists since they use violence to impose their irrational ideas because they are not smart enough to engage in a debate!😌🔛 -Donate to me if you wish to see more content like this, I am trying to make a living eventually here to save up and be an entrepreneur with my lady. I follow all laws to prevent being in jail and also I debate with people that disagree with me daily on college, so NO; I am not inside an echo-chamber. Also I have Asperger's Syndrome so I am very obsessive for forgive me for that. I must say that I am very motivated for the future of a free world, but very scared of a future possible WORLD GOVERNMENT by the United Nations (UN) and China once they get too powerful after the United States Dollar (USD) collapses due to Keynesian and socialist policies pushed by the Federal Reserve (Ron Paul warned you about how central banks create paper money out of thin air to promote populist electoral programs and pass the bill to the next president! Central banking is actually one of the ten measures promoted by the Communist Manifesto written by the bourgeoisie aristocrat known as Friedrich Engels and the one and only alcoholic terrible lazy father known as Karl Marx!) and the decline of the gold standard and of also social and economic individual liberties. Remind and like my content if you wish to see more of it! -Languages: I will eventually learn Polish (Polski) for my wife and I to have a secret language. Spanish (Español) is my native tongue and I am not ashamed of it. I understand German (Deutsch) and I am conversational on it; even if my pronunciation sucks; since I used to be fluent on this language but never used it for a LONG time (I learned it when I was little and mastered it as a teenager). Russian (Русский), Ukrainian (Українска), Serbian (Српски) and Croatian (Hrvatska) are all languages that I can read and understand, but my pronunciation sucks since I haven't talked to any Slavic friends or used them in a long time. English is a beautiful language and I know it obviously, it is the most crucial one to learn if you want success in life! I want to learn how to read the Greek (Ελληνικά) alphabet someday! -I promote: Ending the drug war, banning abortion/murder unless for emergency medical purposes (The state can't use the money it steals/"taxes" from your paycheck for other to murder innocent babies for "free" (There is nothing that is "government funded", everything is tax payer funded), implementing the Second Amendment of the American Constitution in every nation of the world (Guns could be banned in private law communities where "progressives"/regressive-parasites/leftists could move!), I support unrestricted free speech expect in private law covenant communities (Read Hans-Hermann Hoppe to learn about PHYSICAL REMOVAL, since it is not just a meme!) since the ruling classes and bureaucrats shall never dictate what is "hate speech" (ITS SUBJECTIVE!); since that is the first step to implement George Orwells DYSTOPIC SYSTEM that he explains in his books the Animal Farm and 1984. I like agorism, anarcho capitalism and libertarianism in general. I am a fan of Augusto Pinochet Ugarte since he saved my country from becoming a socialist dictatorship. -I oppose: Socialism/communism, national socialism (Nazism), Islamism and fascism. I dislike cultural degeneracy (Cultural Marxism) and have rational traditional conservative family values (I wouldn't force my values on anyone no matter if I am a liberal or a conservative). I like Christianity and I hate the spread of Islam around the world. I HATE STATISM IN GENERAL (I DISLIKE EVERYTHING FROM EUROPEAN "WELFARE" STATES TO THE "SOVIET UNION" (USSR)).🔥💥
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