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I am the self-appointed Pontifex Maximus of Gnostic Christian #Bitcoin-ism. The Logos is a self-referential, self-similar, quasi-crystaline, geometric 9th-dimensional hyper-structure that is at the most fundamental basis of time and space; which is to say that it is time and space. I think that it is The Kingdom of Heaven Within, refered to by Jesus Christ, therefore it is the Union between Science and Christianity. It is God's Transcendent Universal Reason revealed as Enlightened Wisdom. If you cannot see with your mind's eye, you are blind. G = V(C)/T Piety without works is cuckholdry. When your government offers to help you, it's to control you. I like to call leftist ideology "Intersectional Communism", because that's what it is. It only takes 10,000 hours of effort to become a world-class level expert at something, providing you had at least some aptitude for it to start with. This can be accomplished in as little as 2 to 3 years, at 15 to 10 hours average per day. If you want it, it's there, waiting for you to take it. This exchange doesn't cheat you and has a lot of great features. I have no compunction shilling its affiliate link. The whole point of money is to facilitate Capitalism, thereby, economic growth and stability: otherwise, people can simply go ahead and do things through other means. Self-confidence is good, but the wrong kind of stubborn pride is deadly. One of the functions of culture is to reduce social friction and infighting. Egoistic assholes tend to also be stupid and have low reasoning and social skills - because their attitude prevents them from learning and sharing knowledge. Assholes then tend to form cliques with other assholes and become nepotist, thus, over time society becomes culturally divided, dumbed-down, and incapable of effectively organising itself because of the in-fighting. Fascism is a centrally controlled money supply backed by "state power." When a leftist calls you racist say "Less than you because I want you all to fuck off and live in your own lands, I'm a separatist, you are a racist, otherwise you would live among your own people, not mine." The kike fiat banker hustle is to print currency, blow market bubbles, crash said markets, start a war for a distraction, loan paper currency to both sides, then charge them interest on the loans on nothing for the wars they started, in perpetuity. We don't have government, we have parasitism from top down, run by an unholy alliance between private fiat banks and the foundations and councils that hold their stock, and the puppet governments that pass any bill put in front of them and do whatever they say. Lmao. I think this is my best analogy of what socialism is, yet: "What's that? Someone cut your arm off and is running down the street with it? Ok, here's a bandaid... I'm gonna have to tax you for that tho." - Socialist who hired the guy running away with your arm. Leftism is fundamentally escapism; it's a form of ideological drug abuse. Everyone who has ever had a thought about something should appologise to your closest nearby ethnic minority for being a bigot. Through the use of a Fresnel lens, which can be manufactured for maybe a dollar out of plastic, or glass from melted sand, every person on earth could start fires to boil and clean water, cook with, make soap, harden pottery, cast metals, and convert free energy from the Sun into mechanical labor. Evil starts with a lie and a deception, then spreads among the people like a germ of ignorance: its cure is knowledge. To look outwardly but never within is to miss out on an entire universe. The key to trading is to develop the self-discipline of not acting on immediate instinct: A little extra patience usually translates into a lot of extra profit. Evil is a glitch: a possible volitionality made by a being with freewill. Nonetheless, it most often results from a being's mistaken _IDENTIFICATION_ with an illusionary separation constructed from the being's false abstractions, thereby trapping itself in a cycle of Kharmic suffering. Therefore: it is most often the correct decision to show such a being compassion via speaking forth Logos so that, in such a being, via the logos, this truth may be revealed. "'Space-time' is like a measure of boxes containing quantum doughnuts." - Me It appears to me that what makes Logos unique is that it's logically consistent and self-referential while also accurately describing then predicting reality; its structure is holographic and non-temporal, thus: the full Logos is potentially extrapolatable from any starting point of space-time. I think it's fair to say that some aspects of the Logos have scientific and mathematic properties. Logos is the mind of God. Logical consistency is how God's mind works, therefore: God is Good. God makes sense. I have thus conquered Evil. Zionists are undercover satanists because the Ashkenazi Jews were proven to not be genetically Jewish by the genome project in 2015, thus they have no claim on the land where "the state of Israel" is located. "Multiculturalism," is the WASP and Synarchist-Jew oligarch's codeword for ethnic cleasing of caucasian race-tribes (their religion, language and cultural social-cohesion) so that their nations can easily enough be controlled, and then, their (morally-and-culturally-clueless) populations corrupted and enslaved. It is often done under the guise of "inclusivity," to correct neo-marxist talking-point greivences commited by the Wasps and Jews themselves, but then the cultural/gender/race-marxist ideolouges who work for the oligarchs (often "democratic," oligarch-empowered faggots or antifa-incels on the left that will never have a family or fight to defend or grow the nation) institute it (using hollywood, mass-media and music industry "entertainment" mind-control techniques against the general population's will) in a fabian socialist manner over multiple generations. When it comes to matters of the spirit and of morality, tolerance has been a disaster for the West. Vatican-run Catholicism allowed the enemy to walk in the front gate uninhibited; it failed to protect the Body of the Church and the Nation. It is not Chistianity, it is "Vaticanism," an organized crime network that hides behind the vineer of religiosity often misunderstanding or ignoring the teachings of Christ. Take proactive action now or reactive action later. Bitcoin and Alt-coin trading. Crypto, economics, finance and politics. Bullish till 1.2 million USD per Bitcoin in 2024. Slayer of Central Banks and debt-based fiat systems. Check out ABRA and easily invest in 28 cryptocurrencies or BIT10, an index of the top cryptos. Use my link to sign up and get $25 in free bitcoin after your first Bank/Amex deposit, or 1.5% cash back when you exchange cryptos (T&C apply): Governo mentis Govern-ment Control mind Communism is "feelings before facts:" to exist, it must suppress all speech containing factual information so to "stop the Truth from being offensive." The democrat party wants to take our guns so that China can invade us. This is why China funds the Dems, to eliminate the first and second amendment, then try to establish a bulkhead in southern california from which to project invasion forces into the heartland. The Western (synarchist-Jew) debt-based fiat central banker finance model is dying. They purposefully create #poverty through currency supply manipulation & artificial capital scarcity as a means to control people & nations. #Bitcoin & #Crypto (also Gold & Silver imo) will change that. #DeFi #Investing leverages time to buy the future's goods and services at the present's discount. #crypto will usher in a new era of #capitalism. In the current debt-based fiat system, poverty exists as a result of artifical scarcity, then is used by central banks as a means of control. In the new system, capital becomes intelligent & like biological life, multiplys and spreads rapidly to find and fill all ecological niches. My opinion of what Ethical Capitalism means is that it serves the interests of the public in a Christian Nation because when you separate Ethics from Christianity you often get an inferior form of ethics, or a doctrine of pseudo-ethics. We need to encode the #Constitution into the protocol layer of a national crypto-based monetary system such that the Constitution cannot be subverted from within by foreign infiltrators with ideologically antagonistic objectives. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are a logical expression of Logos. It may be that recording the Logos into written language is never fully complete, thus they intelligently allow for slow additions or "updates" over time as mankind's knowledge increases (not to be confused with undoing previous parts or additions). In this sense, it is my recognition that the Constitution and Bill of Rights be considered a Holy Work by The Church, i.e., a supplement to the New Testament and a Part of Logos. It should be noted that (Lawful) Laws and Justice is a logical extrapolation from Logos only - Natural Rights given to us by God: therefore, as nature trends towards volitionality, Lawful Laws are generalized and minimal - intended to protect Natural Rights only. Another reason that Lawful Laws are as minimal as possible is so to not controvert volitionality, which, itself is a God-given right and fundamental property inherent to Nature itself. Warfare outside an ecclesiastical context is a minor dispute. Enlightenment in practice is being mindful at all times to show compassion to all life and awareness, not perpetuate the cycle of slavery to suffering (Du-Kha in sanscrit) via creation of kharma, even to an adversary when at war. This is the essential lesson and skill of life because it allows the power of God to flow through you then transform all else into enlightenment, including evil: it allows them to recognize and learn from their mistakes, see that they are trapped in a cycle of suffering, correct and not repeate those mistakes, discharge remaining suffering and kharma, be redeemed, escape the cycle of suffering and return to God. Unpopular Opinion: males being raised without fathers is what caused this society to become a bunch of faggots. Redpill lexicon: Fakenews = jews Hollywood = jews Liberals = jews Globalists = jews Bankers = jews Communists = jews You can take the Jew out of Babylon, but you can't take the Babylon out the Jew. If you did take the Babylon out the Jew, then they wouldn't be Jews anymore, you'd be left with the original host race, for example: just a standard Russian or Arab or Black person. It's the ancient Babylonian DNA add-mixture that the diaspora of "Jewish" race-tribes have in common. So the "Jews," aren't "Jews," they're the decendant's of the Babylonians that were spread out all over the place after the Tower of Babel was Destroyed by God. They aren't a "chosen race," they are a cursed and God-forsaken one. To blindly consume but never produce is evil. Inflation is evil. The foundation of any economy is its power sources, distribution and utilization. We had the technology to go off oil in the middle of the last century. We stayed on #OOTT for social control that was cemented under the #Petrodollar. WAKE UP, YOU LIVE IN A SLAVE COLONY. Through Logos - I hath thee Devil conquered. The inherent result of logos is a self-referential truth with moral characteristics both within and beyond time. The truth of logos is MORE THAN eternal because it exists within, while also, beyond and outside time. Nature existed before we invented words to attempt its description. Thus, we should stay aware that there's a distinction between our verbal symbols (man's language) and what we attempt to symbolize (that which the language is intended to describe). Science always has been and always will be the pursuit of understanding the nature of God and his creation. It never has been anything but the pursuit of knowing God better - it is the devil's work to try teaching that science or math are separate from philosophy and religion. Freedom as defined by a Jew means the freedom of the Jews to pimp out other races' children using "money" backed by an authoritarian government that they inflitrated to install a Private Central Bank so the Jew can print the currency out of thin air. The Jews also define freedom according to the metric of someone licking someone elses' asshole just like the homosexuals which is why Homosexuals make excellent societal distraction and destabilization proxy warriors for the Jewish banker oligarchs they (wittingly or not) serve. What you choose to focus your attention on is like its own form of IQ. Whenever something is unnecessarily kept secret for a long time, I'd bet there is (very likely) some evil-doing involved, or else there would not be such a prolonged need for secrecy. It seems accurate to say that Space has attributes but Nature has qualities. It isn't all about race, but nor is it not about race: it's half about race - the other half is about religion and culture. Monkey see, monkey do. To be considered as having an average IQ on the Galactic scale, you need to be a Genius on the Human scale. The current average intelligence of a Human is essentially retarded on a galactic standard. This species has a lot of work to do but I think that through better parenting, and Education focusing more on learning how to learn, think, and visualize rather than wrote memorization and non-applied math; then I am fairly confident the average human's intelligence would increase about 30%, so 2/3 the distance between average and genius. At that point the average human would at least not be considered retarded on a galactic scale, though would still be a little below average. It would at least get us in the front door - so to speak. One of the United States', and by extension, the West's biggest mistakes is its cultlike anti-evidence and anti-scientific belief that ethnic diversity within a nation, rather than among them, is beneficial instead of detrimental. I am pro-diversity among nations but not within them. I'd rather people self-determine themselves instead of satan reign over them all. Eventually everyone will figure out that the Jews want all the other races to fight with each other so that afterwards they can take everything left over. The Jews infiltrate then take over a host by exploiting divisions, where there are none, the Jew creates them; class, race, gender, nationhood, doesn't matter to them. It's whatever will work is the angle they play. "Your facts hurt my feelings, so you should not be able to say them, speech is violence." - every communist. Communism didn't fall in the 90's when the Soviet Union fell, those communist Jews just laundered their money through the U.S. into China. If a fish in water says "this water is empty" - that is a very foolish fish. How to read mathematical notation. On may 21st, 2018, #google replaced "don't be evil," with "be a globo-homo." In 2015 the genome project proved that the ashkenazi "Jews" aren't "Jewish." Thus: Israel is a fraud. The Jews spoken of in the bible no longer culturally exist: thus there is no need for a state of Israel... Zionism is a _provable fraud_. Christianity is the "New Israel." There's some good and some bad in any race just as there's some good and some bad in any person. Some people are more good or more bad than others. I'll talk shit about whomever I want, if there is something that needs to be corrected, and if that's too complicated for someone to understand, it's because they're a simpleton with the mind of a broken record, or ameoba. Solar power, greenhouses and 3d printers in every house accross the fucking nation IS WHAT WE NEED TO BE FREE ASAP. The theoretical basis of non-point energy hindges on the existence of an etheric field of energy, possibly that of the higgs-boson, that powers "electrons" (another field imo) infinitely spinning around an atomic nucleus - without collapsing, then placing them in a space where they pass through a casimir trough (a lower state of energy) where it emits a photon of light but then is recharged on each pass by the etheric field - then the process repeats. The estimated amount of energy is equal to one full year's worth of energy emited by the sun - per cubic meter of etheric field (space). The etheric field is practically infinite because space is not limited. There's no such thing as a Jew with authority because no statement made by a Jew to a Goy is ever truthful. Jews lie for a living. Socialists are like Cucks because they let a government beaurocrat play the role of A Man, this while the socialist sits back and faps. Leftists know I am right and have no argument against me. They can't handle The Power. Lmao. Ardruino build and code simulator. No one escapes the truth. They're wasting time trying because God knows everything obviously... this is a simple equation. Get it right, or you got it wrong. Someone telling you that you need to abandon your faith to do science is like someone telling you that you need to cut your d!ck off to do algebra. That's obviously not true and I sure wouldn't try it. The baby-boomers burnt out they fuh-kun brain cells by doing too many of 'em street-drugs. They fucked wit impure shit... so now they's t'ward'd. Anyone that thinks Christianity and Science are incompatible understands neither; John 1:1 explicitly uses "The Logos" in the place of "The Word." Q.E.D. I'd bet that consciousness is the result of the summation of a multitude of standing waves in communication with each other over various brain regions, each region suited to different functions, within the Being's brain's overall network. Consciousness is the result of various activation frequencies in a neural network. This is why the subjective perception of a being's consciousness changes when these frequencies are altered, as in meditation, for example, or during sleep cycles. Frequency patterns over an organized network. My conjecture is that the speed of light is not constant, but that over time it in fact slows down relative to it's absolute starting point. As the speed of light slows over time, so to does time itself as percieved by the light, precisely because it is moving slower over time. G = V*C/T (Gravity equals the distance vector times the speed vector, divided by time) so if time increases, and (for hypothetical example) the distance vector stays the same, then gravity decreases along with the speed of light, while the time denominator increased. "Maybe if I just got high, I'd figure out that time and space are just discreetized measurements of Light." - Towely All that is needed to turn sunlight into electricity is a fresnel lens that puts the focal point of its light beam on something dark inside a water tank that is below a steam engine, which, once started, will spin magnets around coils of copperwire, thereby converting sunlight into some heat, some friction and the rest into clean, useable or storeable electricity. All these technologies were invented and could have been implemented together as a clean energy system, with Sunlight as the energy source, water (possibly in a loop) as the fuel, and electricity as the output, as early as 1905. This last century has been a false "quasi-progression" that has been set up to use technology to entrap, enslave and kill White Christians. Technology was created by its inventors, often themselves White Christians, to do exactly the opposite: many inventors gave their inventions to the public to be used freely. The good technologies have been suppressed while the bad ones have been used to kill and enslave, and We Know who did it. Gravity is like a measure of an amount of energy that already flowed through a field in the past equating to a stored potential energy flow in a field in the future. Logical inconsistency is a sure sign of stupidity. It's dangerous to not know your past; so to, not planing for your future. I'm such a Far-right winger, that I want everyone to put solar panels on their house and smoke weed if they want too, and am staunchly against war. The end result of consumerism is to become the product. Artificial Islands will make ideal Ethno-states because there is no disputing who has original claim to the land. If graphite is magnetic, one would think that it could be pulled and pushed into atom thick sheets of graphene and carbon nanotubes by sufficiently powerful magnetic fields. You don't need money. You just figure out how to use resources in your environment to build the systems to manufacture and produce what you need then you have what you need. Money is not food. Money is not water. Money is not shelter nor transportation nor energy nor information. Today was my most productive "ideas" day maybe ever. Three general sets of topics all crystalized into finished plans for me: 1. The utility and probable need for #Crypto economies to establish space colonies over the next decade or two; 2. The finalization of an idea on a Solar Power Generation System that uses a simple and cheap combo of rope and a clear tarp with water on it to make room-sized optical magnifiers that can run heat-powered Stirling Engines to generate electricity and make ROI in less than 6 months easily; and 3. An idea for "decentralized sharing of a Groups Library," inspired by Gab, to enable a new and independent layer of internet using open source GAB software (possibly). Utility determines what capital is, as well as its value. Bad guys tend to think that being aggressively stupid and dangerously dumb gives them power. Typical delusions of grandeur for broken, weak, petty tyrants who overestimate their own sophistication. "Turn on, tune in, and be a dirty hippie." - hilariously bad advice that plenty of people you know took. The ultimate question that will determine intelligent life from unintelligent life is wether they are capable of intuiting the obvious from what is plainly observable. People who do not practice inductive and deductive logic to operate their reasoning ability in a socratic framework are subhuman slaves; little else but talking apes carrying out fixed behavioral patterns inherited from instinct and environment. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to assume that central exchanges do not exist to facilitate fair markets: they exist to make money from you, the traders in the market. One of the most useful byproducts of wisdom is the ability to discern reality from ideology. Christ died on the cross once, for everyone, so that if we do what he says and learn his teachings, we do not also die on a cross, which would lessen his efforts and self-sacrifice, imo. Do what he says, and build his kingdom, don't try to replace him with yourself. Blaming "The Jews" all day is not really fixing the problem because it is not sufficiently accurate use of clear and precise language - I blame The Vatican and The Babylonian Talmudic Death Cult. Islam was also infiltrated and has its own issues but I think it is better discussed in a separate topic of conversation. The crossover is when The Vatican sent a group of Jews to infiltrate and take over Islam in the 1700's to halt Ottoman invasion. I am not giving Islam a pass, but the complexity of the total global historical situation warrants discussing The Vatican, The Talmudic Babylonians and Islam in separate categories because they are not the same. Nearly everytime "The Government" says it wants to protect you, the word "protect" is in fact a codeword for "enslave." I'm not interested in assumptions; I'm interested in verifiably correct conclusions - those arrived at through a rigorously applied logical methodology. Learn how to think like a man, or die like an animal - this is the human condition. This video explains why people who think capitalism is the problem are morons - it's fiat money and private banking cartels that is the problem, idiots. The sooner we get the Dim-witted #Boomers who are incapable of mentally processing information out of politics or governance of any sort, the better. Three decades of destroying the nation speaks for itself, loudly. Why is it that in court rooms we always demand scientific evidence and apply logic, but when it comes to politicians making political policies in other parts of the government, there is no legal requirement to prove a policy is effective? A political policy arguably impacts more lives. I support a diversity of states, nations and/or cantons within federations, (like switserland) - not a blob-like disordered chaos within a homogeny of states (like the U.S.). A diversity of Ethno-states within the same nation is fine (like The U.S. was supposed to be). All states are fundamentally ethno states, I support a diversity of _Ethno states_. From a Philosophy perspective, one of the things I can appreiciate about Christianity is that there's significantly more to it than at first meets the eye; its use of symbology adds extra layers of interpretive exegesis - so it's very informationally dense - when intellectually contemplated in the contexts of past, present and future. For now on, to make sure I'm understood clearly, when talking about the Old Testament, I'll call it the Hebrew Bible, and when talking about Christianity, which is The New Testament, I will call it "The Christian Bible." There are too many people that are confusing them, as well as not recognizing that Christians adhere to the Covenants, Commands and infered expectations of Christ - those which are found in, as well as infered from The New Testament, and none other. For America's next War on Something after this one, I suggest it be a "War on Entropy," though, from a marketing perspective, a "War on Chaos" is better branding - because it's catchier, and even more vauge. America has now become the continuation of a Soviet-style, politburo, totalitarian welfare state, run by The "Federal Reserve" and #Bigtech. Demographics are destiny. Don't invest in yesterday, nor today, but instead, invest in tommorow. Patience plus pickiness procures profit. A decent rule of thumb is that when using 4x margin, stops should be no more than half a percent away from the entry, thereby reducing risk to 2%, so it will be ok to be wrong once, even twice, but then make 25% on a 6.25% move on the chart, which in #crypto happens a lot. Markets are a form of clockwork. ------------------------------------------------------ Access to Whites is not a right; it is a matter of our own volition, a priviledge that We have the right to withdraw at any time, for whatever reason we deem fit.

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