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Birth of a Cryptonian THE CRYPTONIAN TIMES·THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 2018 The entire world is currently entering the next pivotal moment in human kind, where digital currencies and blockchain technologies are transforming every aspect of our economic lives. Within this change, this embracement and creativity of blockchain technologies lies the keys to drive humanity into the next step of evolution. It is this evolution that is much needed to advance our species into the next cosmic civilization type. This technological revolution infusing itself to the world birthed a new breed of humans, called the Cryptonians. We Cryptonians live a particular lifestyle. We love to learn about new things every day and are driven by the unlimited potential this technology can create and innovate. This driven obsession and confidence from countless of hours of research and implementation is what we use to break through any obstacles and barriers that are along the way. Cryptonians are experienced in dealing with daily price volatility, regulatory implementations by governing bodies and more importantly the skepticism from our friends, family and the media. Some of you were early adopters of an unique and brilliant technology which helped revolutionize the crypto/blockchain industry to what we see today. You have invested a lot of time and money, put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get us to this point. We Cryptonians love and recognize all of that. We would like to personally thank you for your service, your knowledge and enlightenment. We appreciate all you have done and continue to do. Despite all the the road blocks, bumps and adversity we all had to go through, the cryptocurrency blockchain community - like the technology itself- has been impressively resilient. We all have an individual and unique passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and thus we may have more in common than you'd expect. It is this passion, it is this obsession, it is this determination and resilience The Cryptonian Times brings not only to the round table, but to the entire global community. Welcome to The Cryptonian Times!! -The Cryptonian Check us out at instagram @ instagram.com/cryptoniantimes Check us out at facebook @ Facebook.com/cryptoniannews Check usnout on twitter @ Twitter.com/CryptonianTimes Check us out on the new ⛓ #blockchain social media app Biograffi ---》 www.biograffi.com/referral?ref=11277970

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