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So'n Typ aus One Piece - Freiheit Frauen Feuerpower Freunde Finanzen Freudentänze Frickeln Fantasie Ficken Futtern Fremdsprachen Fielosofi & Falschschreibung ;)

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ThriftyAV tests and reviews Audio & Video gear, media, and other tech that can be found at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, auction sites, and retail outlets. ThriftyAV concentrates on bargains, vintage or modern, demonstrating how older gear can work hand-in-hand with modern technology such as media streamers, Blu-ray players, HDMI receivers, and LCD televisions. VCRs, DVD records, film projectors, scanners, video signal processors, amplifiers, equalizers, televisions, cassette decks, multi-track recorders, DAT recorders, microphones, pre-amplifiers, 8-track decks, turntables, vintage game systems along with media are tested, reviewed, maintained, and optimized in videos that are to-the-point and easy to understand. If you have an item you want reviewed by ThriftyAV, send an Email for business inquiries so we can arrange shipping.

I post educational/review videos across the internet...

Feb 2017
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