Serbian nationalist.
location_onBelgrade, City of Belgrade, Serbia
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One day those we now see as heroes will be condemned for their crimes and those unjustly condemned by them will be seen as heroes. Hail Victory!
Interested in art, science, spirit, and truth. I like to read articles and I'm interested in uncensored journalism. Also, I like mystical things - symbolism, hidden meanings, and the vast undiscovered void. Recently graduated as a psychologist, working as a freelancer - I write content, offer counselling and guidance, and I also do photo editing, design, music production, and voice acting. If you need anything, you can message me. In my free time I like to draw, do collages, watch movies, write poetry, make music, get lost in fantasies, and I love to read (books, comics, anything mysterious, like secrets or riddles). Oh, and memes - memes are forever.
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Preserve Tradition Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid.
People's NDE Testimonies To Hell & Back
The War Against Ethnic Eurpeans News
Volim da se družim, da slikam, da uživam u prirodi.
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Belgrade, City of Belgrade, Serbia
Feb 2017
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