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female/23 I'm a self hating moderate lefty lol don't mind me;; I'm just really sick of twitter&tumblr so that's why I'm here, if I'm using the site incorrectly... well, sorry. I'm just chillin. Sue me. https://ask.fm/peachtofu

Watch as I try to not completely trip over my own feet in whatever game I'm currently playing. If you do see me in a game, hope you're on the other team (you're likely safer).

How can you have freedom when you are enslaved by the dollar bill that isn't even owned by it's own nation? https://gab.ai/Soccrateez

Spiritual teachings and Christian Affirmations that transform lives.

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Not the power to remember, but its very opposite, the power to forget, is a necessary condition for our existence

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- Quick Rundown - Pro-white politics and technology are two of my primary interests, hence the reason I'm here. Still in the process of developing a worldview...time will tell. I prefer anticipation of the future to nostalgia of the past. Our past should be learned from, not fetishized. Minds is awesome, looking forward to seeing the platform expand. Used to run several large political Discord servers, met a lot of great people, good times. I really need to get around to doing Youtube videos. ------------------------------------------------------------ 鉁 - Friends - Pro-White Politics - Technology - Futurism - Vidya 鉂 - (((Enemies))) - Anarcho-Primitivists - Brainlets - Spergs - E-Drama ------------------------------------------------------------ - Recommended Channels - @aglockfanboy @artcarnage @boundbyblood @cimo331 @colinflaherty @crossroadsproductions @direwolf1488 @doomguard1488 @fenria14 @gnugaz @heir_of_sigma @identityevropa @ig_farben @jack_offington @kemperor @kkkawaii @lawerewolf @mickycoy3020 @millennialwoes @minura @rebelradio @shabbosshekels @silentmajorityrising @tstjohn @wayoftheworld @whitefirerising @wifewithapurpose

New York, United States
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