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Hello! I may offend some as i'm 100% raw and unfiltered.Not sure how i became the ruler of salads, Personally I normally prefer food with blood in it being a vampire. On the subject of blood let it be spilled of the other social media sites enough to fill our glasses. Currently I live in west Texas and attend a community college here. Not sure what i'm looking into 100% yet but I'm taking an interest in computers and I've been planning to acquire a certificate in massage therapy as well. never used to listen to music much until high school when my best friend introduced me to real music. My favorite bands are, America, and The Doors.Though i do love Jim Morrison I don't do drugs of any kind, it isn't moral or health, it's mostly financial and I simply don't take an interest in it but there's much more reasoning than that. While I myself take no interest in mind altering substances i feel that everyone should be able to do what they want with their bodies because it's your life and it primarily affects you, as long as you're not hurting your family and friends in the process and i'm not going to demonize you for those choices. I love having deep conversations, philosophies, and discussing opinions, seeing arguments from multiple angles to become more informed and see how thins are applied in certain situations to hypothesize they would work in other places. I also believe that the Roman empire was the most intelligent and wonderful culture to ever exist and is now portrayed in a very false manor. I'm also interested in history especially wars, cultures, weapons, and arts of that nature. As a warning if we do get into an opinionated discussion i may type a novel discussing much of my reasoning because I like to inform people as much as possible. I have a very different world view than most not only during social interactions, morals, and how things work and should work, but also in my religious and supernatural beliefs. I have somewhat of a roman system when it comes to religion, I have a combination of beliefs not entirely focused on one religion and I don't go extreme or try to force my beliefs on others. In a world where censorship has taken over public online opinions for the masses; #Minds is our only savior and through this site shall sanity might finally be saved. Stay Bloodthirsty my friends.

Curating an ever expanding collection of cool things to buy online. I also have opinions with regards to stuff and/or things!

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