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The Boot Never Fell: The Republicans Fucked Trump

Le Marquis de SadeNov 27, 2020, 7:41:43 PM


The Boot Never Fell: The Republicans Fucked Trump



If you are screaming about the recenet United States Presidential Elections, I emplore you to read this.

Now, I make my enemies.


Republicans, you lost. Get over it. You did not lose because of cheating or the “plannedemic” or China or Hunter Biden or the media. You lost because you are losers.

All of the above are problems. The United States has no voter ID policy, and so this makes fraud highly possible and virtually impossible to detect. The atypical voting measures adopted as a result of the coronovirus aid the problem of illegal voting. And yes, the introduction of voting by mail resulted in mathematical irregularities that might be indicative of cheating.

But allow me to ask a simply question. Who sat on their asses for two years, with full control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, and let the minority party scream “Russia”, funded investigations, and made no headway into passing legislation to tackle any voting law issues? Which major American Political Party was so scared of being called “racist”, even after seeing the slanderous term unsuccessfully used against their own winning candidate, that they kowtowed before the Democrats until 2018?

This is because the Republican Party is the Party of Losers. They thrive on losing. The solution was simple, for 2017 and 2018, at least. Govern without the Democrats’ consent. Let them scream and stomp about Russia. Just pass legislation after legislation, using the same technique the Obama administration used to pass the Affordable Care Act to prevent any stonewalling. Those who would have refused to play ball, like Mitt Romney, get nothing for themselves or for their districts.

Who could have prevented Social Media censorship and online censorship? The Republican Party controlled the FCC for four years, and controlled the House and Senate for two. What did they do? They let the Socialists and Progressives throw the temper tantrum of “Russia”. When the time came to appoint a Suprem Court Judge, not once but twice did they allow for that judge to be dragged through the mud and publicly humiliated. Should the succeeding administration attempt to pack the Court, as they have threatened, I would hope to see the Republicans do the same thing. Drag each Democrat nominee through the mud. Humiliate each Progressive judge and their families in public. But it won’t happen, because Losers stick to the rules.

And no, Donald Trump is not blameless in this. He has decried the critical race theory being taught to military and civilian personnel since he assumed office. Yet it was only in his last year of Presidency did he take any action against it. The Commander in Chief could have at least saved the military from this bullshit, but instead, he chose to take to Twitter.

In the end, it’s the Republicans’ fault they lost. The cheating is their fault, because they could have stopped it. The time comes eventually to put one’s foot down, and they never did. If agree with their political philosophies, it is time to seek another party to vote for.