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Some Comments on Ochlocracy

Le Marquis de SadeJul 17, 2021, 4:43:11 PM

To my Dearest Reader,


This is an unedited piece, submitted for your pleasure, disgust, approval, and criticisms.


In the Autumn of the 224th Year of the Enlightenment, (2016 for those you still desiring to be ruled by the Caesars), several things happened to me personally. I watched the unexpected success of a Presidential campaign I had backed from its earliest inceptions. I remember seeing the news reports that Donald Trump had announced his candidacy, and running upstairs to see his full announcement. I was laughed at by my family and friends, Conservatives and Progressives both. I lost friends. But still, the Liberal Nationalist sentiment won.


In that fall, I also had to research and write a paper on the ideology of Benito Mussolini. That ideology being, of course, Fascism. I studied The Doctrine of Fascism, the Lateran Accords, the Fascist take on the Corporation, and other documents penned by Il Duce himself. 

And a year prior, in the Autumn of the 223rd Year of the Enlightenment, I had read Jean-Jacques Rousseau's The Social Contract, a book so often cited by Progressives, scarcely any of whom have actually read it. After all, why read when televised talking heads are there to tell you what to think while you smoke pot and ponder new and even more desperate way to lose your virginity? In his most famous work, he has perhaps the most important line I have ever read. It was a sentence that convinced me to take up the pen, to abandon the guitar, and in the zeal belonging only to a true novice, I took to Facebook to publish long thesis after long thesis trying to explain this single sentence to people who were more interested in cat pictures. That sentence was “ to distinguish, democracy degenerates into ochlocracy, aristocracy into oligarchy”. 

That word 'ochlocracy' is so seldom used that it even comes up as a spelling error in my word processor. But it is an important word, perhaps the most important one as that it explains the greatest threat posed to the Enlightenment. Ochlocracy, my dear reader, is the word for mob rule.

To understand this, let us consider the Republic. A Republic is a hybrid government, labeled so by Rousseau himself. It is the very best parts of a democracy and the very best parts of an aristocracy. The people elect the best among them, whether it be a Thomas Jefferson or a Maximillien Robespierre, to be their leaders. Should they fail or their time limit expire, other leaders are elected to replace them. If an aristocracy begins to repeatedly betray the people, such as passing legislation that resembles the draconian measures of a king and treating the electorate as though they were subjects to be ruled, they become an oligarchy. It is no longer rule by the best, but rule by the corrupted few.

This should be of no worry to we who are so lucky to live with the examples of Adams and Danton, of Marat and Hamilton, of Carroll and Saint-Just. Today's oligarchs, when they try to ascend to the top of a democratic aristocracy, are cast down just as the Chinese monarchs of old were struck down by the Mencian Mandate of Heaven. If you doubt this, just look at Hilary Clinton; an entitled worm of a human being, so convinced in the superiority of herself and her sex that she truly believed that she the Presidency, which she certainly saw less as a public burden and more like a throne, was hers by right. She was rejected, but not at no cost.

The ochlocracy is something upon which Mussolini's Fascist State depended. Angry young men were to take to streets to attack and intimidate all dissenters. They were coerced into doing so by being convinced of their own moral superiority. Shortly after Election Night 224, I approached my father and said something like this, “if I've read Mussolini right, the Democrats will start mobilizing violent groups in towns and cities in an attempt at voter suppression, intimidation, and silencing of dissent”. I was dismissed as though I did not know what I was talking about. Then, on Inauguration Day, my prediction came true. Throughout the streets of D.C. ochlocratic Fascists calling themselves Antifa rioted and destroyed things. Since then, they have embarked on campaigns of terror meant to intimidate and silence all who stand in the way of Oligarchy. It is ironic, is it not, that a group claiming to be Antifascists should be so perfectly in step with Mussolini's methods.

My point is this, dear reader: In 224 we narrowly avoided an end to the Enlightenment. The popular vote showed that the majority of Americans believe in Divine Right, only instead of it being bestowed based upon being born from a royal cunt, it is bestowed by being born with a cunt. We must do all we can to resist this Ochlocracy, because Oligarchy is born from Ochlocracy and not the other way around. We must resist, we must continue to believe in the Enlightenment, know that many men, famous and unknown, American and French, suffered and died so that we may enjoy the Liberties we do today. And we are free, we are the most the free people in the history of our species. We are free from tyrants of every kind. But only because Nathan Hale was hanged and Maximillien Robespierre was beheaded. We must not let their memory fade quietly into the night! So write, comment, and think, my friends. The pen brought down the monarchs of Europe with all their armies and gold. How can some semi-literate thugs who's highest cognitive achievement is chanting in unison be any real challenge for the combined and coordinated efforts of the heirs to the Enlightenment?