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Posts - Get More Exposure on Minds

DirkLootsJun 22, 2018, 9:35:43 AM

If you feel that you have written a pretty good post and you're not getting the exposure you think you deserve there are very simple methods to try and buy yourself exposure.

Two option can be considered (which I am aware of):

1 - Boost post in feed

2 - Offers post for a remind

Take my top pinned post atm (Link - here) . You will notice that bottom right is the Boost button as seen in the image below.

Clicking on this button gives you two options to chose from which is the boost post in the feed and Offers post for a remind as seen in the image below.

The first option (Boost post in feed) is very simple and you pay 1 token for 1000 views in the feed (if you are still unclear on how to do this drop me a comment).

The second option however is not as well known. You are able to offer other channels tokens to remind your post. If it is a big channel with a few hundred subscriptions your exposure can be much bigger than option 1 because people tend to take notice of posts shared by someone they know.

You can either fish for a big channel to remind your post (offer them an attractive amount of coins which you think they will accept) or you can offer a small amount to your friends just to make them aware of your post (they might have missed it throughout the day).

Offers work as follows (see the image below the steps):

Step 1 - Click on the offers option

Step 2 - Insert the amount you wish to offer (your own discretion)

Step 3 - Insert and select the channel (from the drop-down list) you wish to make the offer to.

In this example I used my good friend @PositiveSynergy 's channel.

If you know if other, better ways to get more exposure on your post please feel free to let me know.