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Follow-up - Getting More Exposure On Your Posts

DirkLootsJun 30, 2018, 5:11:58 PM

Following my post on the two methods of getting more exposure on your Minds posts. This post will explain how it looks on the receiving end of the post share option.

The channel you ask to share your post will be notified that you would like to share a post on their feed as seen in the image below. Again my good friend @positivesynergy helped me out in showing how this works.

By clicking on the notification you will be taken to the page that show all the offers you have received and show your offer history (offers attended to and the offers that has not been attended to) as seen in the image below. Below you will see my current offers and also take note of an interesting method which I like to call fishing. Someone, which I do not know, has offered a very small amount of coins with the hope that I would go in and read his post. Fishing can be very effective as you can make big channels take note of your post and you also stand a chance of having them share it, if they like it and offering small amounts means you can do this a lot of times.

What happens to your coins once you have offered someone a deal to share your post? You should consider the following when choosing this option.  Once you clicked on the boost button:

1 - Your post can either be shared (the deal has been accepted) which means the exchange takes place and the coins you offered is transferred to the channel you offered the deal; or

2 - Your offer can be rejected which means the coins you offered are transferred back to your account.

Until the channel you made the offer to made the decision to accept or reject your offer, the coins you offered will be in suspension. You can view your deals in suspension by following the steps below:

Step 1 - Click on Offers

Step 2 - Click on Outbox

Your outbox will show all the deals in suspension. This means you have coins in suspension for these offers which can be reclaimed by revoking the offer as highlighted in the image below (this means you cancel the offer to a channel to share your post). This is up to your own judgement, if you feel that someone does not check for deals like this and your deal has been in suspension for long you can revoke the offer and reclaim your coins.

If you have more interesting tips to share please leave a comment.