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human supremacist (unless the emergence of a space-adapted race of humans should be confirmed, in which case - sieg zeon!) I like memes without words. 07 Pizza is literally a perfect food capable of satisfying all diet requirements and meal types. ❤ 🍍+🍕 if you still have the lightbulb as your profile image, I am less likely to subscribe. I'm also wary of people who subscribe to me without ever having even 👎 a post of mine
An entrepreneur.
I’m me, nothing more and nothing less.
A former football team, victim of cancel culture and socialist censorship. After 91 years, The Redskins never called you racist. The team will ALWAYS be Americaña, no matter who wants to erase history and push woke bullshit. #thelastredskin #httr #goskins #notacommie *Principale Studios is a live event venue, and soundstage located in the heart of Tempe, AZ. We produce independent content for a variety of different live acts, including music, podcasting, videos, and more. Follow us exclusively on Odysee https://odysee.com/@Principale.Studios:5? Send all inquires to [email protected] | 602.804.9835
Diesel Powered Trans Dimensional Mechanoid Swine.. Pronouns: Oink/Squee ———————— —— — — - - 🐷 Home: https://oinker.space ————————— —— — — - - Gab: http://gab.com/CapitalistPigs Twitter: https://twitter.com/capitaliztpigs Bastyon: https://bastyon.com/capitalistpigz GETTR: https://gettr.com/user/capitalistpigs Truth: https://truthsocial.com/@CapitalistPigs Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/SSQwpEfx1j84o9yu
Law of attraction Life Coach into holistic healing, love, peace, & freedom for all mankind & animals alike. Namaste. Artist, photographer, videographer, web designer & more. https://asabovebelowloa.com https://linktr.ee/asabovebelowloa
Frontend Web Developer crafting websites with #React, TV shows connoisseur, Internet citizen, Free Speech Advocate.
I'm a boring person IRL most of the time. Mainly using this as my weirdo / true self BS outlet because no one really knows me on here. @maygem87 is my alt account. Little stuff that may not matter, in no real order: Former member of the LGBTABCD Politics suck but the Left is crazy and I like "sh!t posting" Parent & Step parent Married / ENM / Poly /probably going to hell 🤷🏻‍♀️ Respect differences Born female, still female, but kinda tomboyish Gamer PC, Switch, and some Xbox Introvert with Anxiety and Depression Trying to work on myself without medicine ~ There is defiantly more but ya get it ~ Any art or girl pictures (cosplay, bikini, lewd, ect.) posted are not mine, unless I state otherwise. If you are unsure, just ask. I may not remember links. Most unmarked pictures I find on Tumblr and aren't credited there.
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Middle of nowhere
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