It's all about Love my friends and Love, after all, is the devil of the devil. I encourage everyone to explore the Love in their lives and discover it's true meaning...or disguise. @music
American Vietnamese/Khmer Chef Check out my groups for more photos! Bubble Tea & Dessert Cambodia
Tuned into Akira the Don, cool cat him. Two feet planted in matter, one eye afloat in hyperspace
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Recap of all good things of today. I'd like to thank all of you who are spreading so many positive posts on Minds and making everyones day happier!
Truth, Logic, Free Thinking, Humor, History, Current Events, Culture, Good Music, Women, Anything Interesting and/or Thought Provoking....Definitely women from anywhere because there are none where I currently reside. I was raised in the country but I'm not into "country girls" and they're not into me. So any interesting, intelligent, free thinking women out there as alone as me wants to talk about absolutely anything just say hello and at the very least you'll make a very loyal friend. I'm into talking to anyone who's interesting and cool. I'm just looking to meet women mostly though. Since I live in the land of the lost. Id like to meet someone far from where I am. I have no real roots and I'm always up for adventure. Also, I'm not aligned with any political party. I'm a true libertarian and a bit of an outlaw by nature. I didn't say criminal either, I said outlaw, there's a difference. I'm musician and a businessman. I'm a free thinker and an individual. Collectivism is a concept I despise along with identity politics, illegal immigration, safe spaces, celebrities, trends, the media, "normal people", trophy hunters, and much, much more.
Welcome, defend, protect, fight for Free Speech. Fight for what is Right and True. Think, Agree or Disagree, Write, Live, Learn, Love. Sharing and seeking answers about life, death, God, and whatever else. Ever Learning. I'm an imperfect Christian man. I write some prose/poetry; I upload to soundcloud LMMS instrumental tracks I make. I read Books. I Work. I'm Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion. I listen to music ranging from instrumental to light to the heaviest music. Glory to God now and forever!
Aug 2018
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