Check out my website: Just a guy who enjoys sharing music with others. I enjoy writing about some of my favorite albums and discussing them with others as well as giving a little run down on musical history too. My music tastes tend to be on the heavier and darker side, but it varies and I have an open ear for many things. From Black Metal to Ambient Jazz, I'm interested in what ever you have to offer. Besides music I like to repost memes, art, and other things that tickle my fancy on here. So come and stick around, always happy to make a new friend.

Looking to expand my art reach onto multiple platforms and was drawn to the idea of what this one has to offer.

Photographs aren't mine unless otherwise stated. All the images I use are in the Public Domain and are not restricted by Copyright. // All my posts run on a queue, which means there may be times where I'm posting but not actually online. I'm not ignoring you! I'm probably just asleep lol

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Atrocious op-ed writer. World's worst journalist. Queen of cringe. Youtuber & Twitch streamer. You probably hate me. Follows =\= endorsement.

Odins Eye Art
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Welcome! I am J.J. and I own Odins Eye Art in New Hampshire. I specialize in science fiction, fantasy, comic, fan art etc. You can find my work at I am always looking for and working on commissions! Please check us out and subscribe!

An artists from Sweden. I like doing horror art and write lore for my pictures as a creative exercise. My main artistic mediums is ballpoint ink pen drawings, and watercolor paints with acrylic highlights and marker pens.

I support independent Black Metal bands through my BitChute channel and in cooperation with the artists.

Ian Crossland
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Co-Founder @minds

► My links & contact form: **|| MUSIC & VIDEO STREAMING ||** ► Spotify - ► Apple Music/iTunes - ► Soundcloud - ► YouTube - ► Odysee -$/invite/@Alonewolf:c ► Bitchute - ► Dtube -!/c/alonewolf ► Dailymotion - ► Musicoin - I'm on on lots of streaming platforms; Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon and more! Just search for me. **|| SUPPORT ||** ► Bandcamp (Downloads & Merch) - ► Teespring (Merch) - ► Liberapay - ► Patreon - ► BTC: 14HjoVmKRbByMANKSm2sji5bqNNPbcCiUV ► ETH: 0x82fbCa05260eec0F08E7FdabEba010A4dc53cBef **|| SOCIAL MEDIA ||** ► Minds - ► Gab - **|| MIXING & MASTERING SERVICE ||** ► Sign up to Star Citizen with my referral code STAR-F554-VLYX and get free in-game credits: My groups on Minds: Synthwave | Cyberpunk Music Witch House | Wave Music Dungeon Synth | Medieval Music

Old curmudgeon. Gen X'er. Raised on classic BECMI D&D, Palladium, and old World of Darkness rpgs. First gaming console was ColecoVision, then the NES. My first PC game was ZORK. My first anime were MAZINGER Z, STAR BLAZERS, and ROBOTECH (Macross is better).

Nov 2018
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