Tổng Quyền Lực Đảng Cộng Sản Việt Gian NGUYỄN PHÚ TRỌNG Tên Bù Nhìn Tay Sai Đắc Lực Của Trung Cộng ******************** Trang Minds này tôn trọng quyền tự do Ngôn Luận và không chủ trương xúc phạm cá nhân hay tổ chức nào .Nhưng chủ trương châm biếm có tính xác thực cá nhân chính trị Việt Gian Bán Rẻ Dân Tộc Đất Nước Việt Nam Thách Thức Lực Lượng Tay Sai Dư Lợn Viên Bò Đỏ 🔱

Its me gang no worries! I can't find my key to transfer tokens. Thus I need to start again from stage one. Wish me luck!✌😎✌ #LiveWithLove #PeaceBeWithYou @MissKitty22 @Jeffwilliams16 #SmileBecauseYouCan

Gleaming is an upcoming free web based science fiction comic book written by THR with art by tofuthebold. Other series are also in the works. Check back here for updates Minds page run by THR tofuthebold:

British, mostly into music production and video editing, just here to keep up with my favorite content creators and activists. Strong advocate of free speech and common sense, basically I like this site for not being under the censorship of The Zucc and it's subroutines. Most of my posts will just be sharing of content that the censors don't want to be shared, and to support the creators.

I am what's necessary

Must reads; Silent Weapons for A Quiet War. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Both can be found in "Behold A Pale Horse" by William (Bill) Cooper. R.I.P.

Jun 2015
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