Learn to live a new life. A more genuine version of reality. Your thoughts become the creation not seen yet understood.

Technologist, musician, philosopher.

I want to empower startups and small business by helping them have an amazing visual identity. Freelance Designer and keen photographer.

Life's a game, you just have decide to play it.

, Funktivist, I am personally against evil, hatred, crime, and sin. I am unable to condone or commit evil deeds or act in evil ways. I am able to accept all people, but this does not mean that I have to accept the things they do. I am a person who will always appreciate the benevolent acts of kindness. I am pro-love, pro-freedom, pro-compassion, and pro-benevolence. I do not promote violence, as I am against all types of violence and anything I say is only an opinion and should not be taken as a serious fact. if you feel strongly about something I have said that is your own opinion, and is not something that I made you choose to believe.

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truth seeker, non-physical consciousness that is experiencing physical reality and truly enjoying it

I am a warrior. If you stand behind me, I shall protect you. If you stand beside me, I shall respect you. They stand against us, DEFEAT THEM!

Heriberto Fernandez
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Jun 2015
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