The focus of this site page is on Kikou Rōnin Kasshoku Magic, a sub-practice of Ayame Kikou or non-martial Neigong (Nei Kung). This page is operated by the same group that operates @TheLesserMonkey. The Ayame Kikou Research Group began on this site page with six writers in June of 2015. Within three months, the mainstay of truly good writers, philosophers and passionately active people (outside of our group) were forced off by intensely aggressive trolls. With Minds dot com not desiring to censor in any way, and not allowing members to privately censor those who were here solely to disrupt communication, the site sank into total chaos and has never recovered from that loss. Cross platform communication came to a halt. Within a handful of months, the meme and link artists took over with the trolls still wandering free and in charge. Free speech took on a different flavor. It wasn’t free. Communication ended for the most part. We came back on in October of 2015 under the name of The Lesser Monkey and slowly built up our writing staff to 24 people, all of whom are professionals in various fields of human studies and communication including business. We persisted for a year and a half, ending December 2 of 2016. We posted almost 200 blogs within 1,444 posts all pertaining to sociopolitical content and essays on our real passion concerning the effect that ch’i has on the human body and mind. It is the latter work that created this research group over a 30 year period of time. Why do we still maintain a presence on Minds? Presence is power. It ignites in subtle ways. If you care to understand our current work for this site page, you will need to read this page and do as it suggests on The Lesser Monkey profile page: If you are interested in that collection of work, you can find our essays at Also recently re-opened and active:
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As of December 2, 2016, We have re-opened our own Blog site, Ayame Toriigi Way with deep discussions of Kikou Rōnin Kasshoku Magic there: _________________________________ Bio Updated October 27, 2016 The Lesser Monkey Group consists of twenty-four writers. We are here to discuss human behavior, dignity, power, relationships, and self-command. We will also discuss matters of sociopolitical nature. It depends on the demands of the time. Much of our writing is highly controversial. We write for “present” need and timing. This means we can be involved in creating a series based on a single subject and, without notice, change the topic immediately because timing demands it. Collectively, our primary profession is people. Secondly, we specialize is studying ch'i (Ki) and the effect it has on the human mind and body. That subject will come up too—a lot. We have over 150 blogs in our library. Scan down until you see the words “View More” Under Blogs and click to find them. D Jon Harrison began our work here under and profile name of D Jon Harrison. We left in September of 2015 and a month later DJ crept on again as T. L. Monkey. In older posts you will see him signing his posts as T. L. Monkey. That’s DJ. DJ is a published author of several genres. You will not find him as T. L. Monkey in any published book. A link to his works can be found at the bottom of this Bio. We avoid advertising the books. We are not here to sell them. This is a chosen space to work outside of boundaries. Outside of Minds we are the Ayame Kikou Research Group which contains researchers who will never write on this site. Our writers are: D Jon Harrison, Paimon Consequence 9 (me), Tiana, Triumvirate, Vuall Taraneh, Andromalius, þGaapµ, Natala Polunin, Tamara, Orchid, Monica, Woman Unformed (Also known as Kiko) Hope, Moon, Rachel, Amanda James, Joe, A’ishah, Redshift, Kara, Chelsea, Anne, Chloe and Ada. Our group is currently tied up with large work and research projects outside of Minds so most of these writers will not be seen here at present. GO HERE FOR A MORE COMPLETE DESCRIPTION: If you are new to this feed and want to learn what Ayame Kikou is, follow this link to a post called: From Ki to Spirit, is Ayame Kikou really Neigong? Published Works: D Jon Harrison - Ayame Kikou Publishing D Jon Harrison at Amazon Kindle: Short stories, novels and seven non-fiction books on Ayame Kikou (Non-Martial Neigong)
J.R. Nyquist is a researcher, author and columnist on controversial subjects.
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