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"Not through fine speach's & debates will the issues of today be solved, but through Blood & Iron." I am the Resistance!! Active Dissident I do not consent to be governed by anyone!! Anonymous Carpenter Electrician Hunter Fisherman Survivalist Farmer Gardener Animal Lover Amateur Harley Mechanic Amature Gun Smith Amateur Photographer 2nd Amendment supporter Medical Cannabis Activist Medicine Maker Black Sheep Lone Wolf Rebel Outlaw Constitutionalist Extremist ************* **Check out these Groups** CrazyDaves RoadHouse bikers club ************* The Right to Free Speech is exactly that, the Right to say whatever asinine fucked up thing your little black heart desires... Agree with it or not, I will always defend your right to be a fucked up little shit stain (verbally) 😂😂😂😂 ************* ***Disclaimer*** 1) I don't give a fuck, so don't cry if ya get your little feelings hurt 2) Antifa & BLM will be shot on sight ************* Established on Minds Feb. 6, 2016 #KILLBILL #GrowYourOwn #Organic #Plandemic #Scamdemic #FREEDOM #1776
location_onAnon, Washington
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