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I am no longer interested in awakening the masses. The masses made it clear that they are not interested. I am here to connect like minds and awaken those who WANT to learn.

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We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us! Go subscribe to my special friends: @ottman @AyaKWhite @ayaofficial @censorshipsucks @nextnews @garyfranchi

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Sold everything I owned and hit the road May, 2018. Follow me on my journey, traveling across America. Living only on ₿itcoin! 🚐 #vanlife 🚐 👣 #travel 👣 🚜 #homeiswhereyouparkit 🚜 💻 #digitalnomad 💻 🌳 #nature 🌳 🌎 #getoutstayout 🌎 📷 #photography 📷 💰 #bitcoin 💰 🏡 #tinyhome 🏡 💸 You can always make more money. You can never make more time 🕑 💎 Things are replaceable, memories last a lifetime 💓 🏕️ Die with memories, not with dreams 💤 🧗‍♀️ Don't forget to live before you die ☠️ 🛏️ Less comfort = more freedom🚵‍♂️ 👨 Where we go one, we go all 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 👨‍🎓 Propria persona 👨‍🎓 🎰 777 🎰 👇 🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️ Wall Of Fame 💯@Rushofwaves 🎧@WrapHops 🚐@JamesN 🚐@sofuego 🚐@goldpointe 🚐@ashepherd89 🚐@thepatrioteer 🚐@Willieleev1971 🚐@JenaGoddess 🚐@ChrisDoogood 🚐@CerberusEvans 🚐@Censorshipsucks @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche @UndeadMockingbird @SeanL3prechaun @zizisk @qahel @Jim270 @Netjr @BitcoinDood @Ronaldmanhood @RisingtoHeartConsciousness @Eric714 @axl100 @AlieBear @jahmind @WrapHops @jahmind @Sentinus @FairWhisper @Tanawatee @delastman @Asbiohazards @RedDragonLS @Quangnguyen2707 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣 Help me upgrade to a houseboat! Only need about 4 Bitcoin 👇 18TExftLbtUe8ykFkyyeUEvV3W4cxy7Wch 👆

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We are the News now! #Revolution #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #digitalsoldiers #Covfefe I'm a Red-Pilled News reporter, (and Meme Lord, lol). The rabbit hole, can you handle it? Future Shock is caused by "Cognitive Dissonance". I suggest that we Assume Nothing! 'Assumption is Rampant' in our world today! I believe in God and believe God is the Person who created everything. I also believe in a spiritual book called the Oahspe. And I'm also involved in a spiritual movement called the Inner Peace Movement. ------------------------------------------------------------ (Account created on: July 4, 2015) ------------------------------------------------------------ (for the most part these groups were started in 2015, Minds now says I started in 2017, that was because my account was attacked and half deleted 2017) Groups I have started. Fluoride - Secrets of Space and Anti-Flat Earth ANTARCTICA - Soros - K-Pop - Outstanding Music Psychics - CharliXCX - The Minds Movie Group - Oahspe Motivational Moderator for HEALING GARDEN OF EATIN' Moderator for Artificial Intelligence (Pros & Cons) I'm Theocratic and believe God and the Angels are in control, and everything Men create needs to be as the true God of Earth wants. I follow the book Oahspe, a good doctrine to live by. #prognosticator #SuperStraight

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#INFOWARS - Independent Media - Banned by 🚫Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, instagram, iHeartRadio, TuneinRadio, Stitcher, Apple, SproutSocial, Audioboom, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Periscope, Linkedin, GooglePlay, iTunes, Dlive, PayPal, Patreon, Mastodon, Vero, YouNow, Cocoscope, Mailchimp, Twitch... Bookmark: Support: Newsletter: Tune in 24/7: Video Archive: https://BANNED.Video #AlexJones OFFICIAL Subscribestar:

Welcome to President Trump 2020 where we continue our fight against Communism. We support the President of the United States Donald J. Trump. It's election season folks and that means it's Trump Season! Get your FREE Trump gear while supplies last! Gab Parler

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"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.

Aug 2018
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