Commodore Grayum

My Youtube gaming channel: My Twitch channel: Guitarist, photographer, gamer, physics graduate. Owner of allegedly mellifluous vocal cords. Cynical observer of human nature.

I've just blocked myself, I'm not putting up with this shit either!

"i" It Only Takes "1"... Thought To Create An Idea, To Enlighten 1 Person, To Start A Movement, That Will Free Mankind! & It Only Takes One Free Gesture Of Kindness, To Free A Victim, That Gets Enlightened & Becomes A Victor For Victims!

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Concerned about the "One World Order" take over

Fast Track Soul Those that have taken a fast track awakening have literally transformed 180 degrees in the last five years. These are the people who were literally “asleep” and all of the sudden had a huge awakening that something was very wrong in their lives and there was an urgency to find out what it was. This led to dedicating most of their time into research while following thread after thread in order to find out the truth of who they are and why they are here. Round and round I go when will We Stop who knows Circles all I know so CALM I SHALL SHOW LIKE A DROP IN THE OCEAN I FLOW Creating & Vibrating as i Go.

I enjoy making music and am interested in news and politics.

I'm a man of few words "Nothing is impossible!" What are my interests you ask "Everything I see, hear or touch" "Quality not Quantity"

Founding Member of #OurRevolution WSFV  California Single Payer SB 562, AB 14, DISCLOSE Act Progressive / Socialist, Atheist / Anti-theist, Zero Fucks Given

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Online on demand video of local events from around the Border counties of Ireland

Bigger than Jesus - Badder than Hitler

Elie Estella
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Open minded travel - fashion - food - nature enthusiast. Environmentalist and Therapist The very first blogger on Minds. #SeeWhereIgo Every day new travel inspiration All content is my original #OriginalContent My other channel: My story:

Sep 2016
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