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Better Known as @dawdledeviewer on Twitter. @dawdlealoise is my art handle on social media sites. Aspiring Artist and Writer. Artísta y Escritora aspirante.

Author of #TheFandomMenace Volume One - A Fandom Betrayed | Volume Two - Rise of the Rebellion Leader of Rogue Entertainment.

Likes Movies, Video Games, and other Pop Culture. Fan of Lucas’ Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and more. Student athlete #TheFandomMenace - Sub to my YT channel:

I'm a Canadian, a former academic, an old-school liberal and I make grumpy YouTube videos.

Steven Crowder
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aspiring film critic, unapologetic Esoterist/Occultist, nerd of all trades, fervant Anti-SJW, staunch egalitarian meritocrat, proud Kekistani, collector  of antiques and lover of Gold&Silver Age comics, with particular nerd expertise on skill-based Magick-user heroes   I generally stand with #Gamergate , #Comicsgate #JusticeDemocrats  and against all authoritarian indentarianism and any kind of "Weaponized Subjectivity " ( be it Postmodernism,Absurdism  or Nihilism it can "get fucked" frankly)       Politically speaking I'm stuck somewhere between being a Socoalily-Democratic Classical Liberal and being a Minarchist Libertarian but I have enough disagreements with aspects of both countered by eachother that it'd be falacius to call myself either.    I'm  against all non-meritoctic or ameritocratic norms,  so  Traditionalism,Nationalism and Fundamentalism   "get the bullet too" right alongside Globalism and Elitism , and I'm no more a fan of  the "nuclear family" than I am the aristocracy        I'm  not pro-label per se for that way lies nothing but identity politics but if I may be so bold as to point out something I find obvious that people on all sides have  either forgotten, ignored, or postmoderned from existence: *clears throat for impactful pause* ahem... " Labels right?... CAN BE ACCURATE!!!" *mic drop*  

Pro-bono Picture-Hacker | Time & Space Hopper | Devil's Advocate | Chaotic Neutral | Deist | I'm crazy and so are my other three personalities.

Aug 2017
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