”The eyes are useless, when the Mind is blind” I scour the web looking for intriguing videos from well known sources, as well as many i know you have never seen before. I feel the best way to get to the truth, is to lay out all the information and view everything with an open mind. Please help me spread the truth, while the vast majority spread their cheeks! - Hit the upvote button on useful posts please!! Everything the Deep State stands for rubs me the wrong way!

Curator of different perspectives of reality. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my channel. I like to share a variety of subjects. A Collection for the Curious Ebola Outbreak Elizabeth Warren & Native American Legislation Infectious Diseases Meme Supreme The Push for United Nations at the US border

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I'm Brian. My aim is to create relevant content that impacts, engages and entertains! Enjoy!

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BAUL VIBE is all about exploring the mystic realm of existence through Sound and Music

We learn something new every day. What did you learn today?

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Official Minds channel of The Next News Network. -------------------------------------- Your most trusted liberty media channel for original commentary on news related to geopolitics, global conflicts, economic turmoil, Constitutional issues, US Elections, government corruption, police state, and national headlines. If it affects your freedoms you can bet it will be on The Next News Network presented by Gary S Franchi Jr.

Just because you take no interest in politics does not mean politics won't take an interest in you.

Oct 2018
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