Please subscribe to CivJo on YT or Minds Channels. To be a voyeur of CivJo trolling the real trolls, follow CivJo on Gab or Twitter #UseHeadphones Time to wake... incrementally For a $50 donation ANYONE may request a 5 minute video to be analyzed. What you submit cannot be threatening toward other person's unless that threat is happenstance and sharing it save lives. Suggestions: if you are a listen-to-my-gut, kind of person...OR have you ever watched an interview and inside you knew they were lying, misrepresenting the truth or just something was off about it? Ask if CivJo can analyze it or if it's in queue. Don't assume you think a video WILL to be an easy read just because of MSM. Examples are leaders, activists etc... Influence of a person may suggest an ability to manipulate, such as psychic, medium, prophet, preacher, politician etc so more than likely something would be there. Just remember all folks are different and congruence has indicated honesty. So this is new and I hope it offers others input that they find value in and I hope to hear suggestions. Bitcoin 1CZnyLMRzhCrnA27NaJmhxJDcvaFB6PUeL Ethereum 0x0c963455Cc71Da13b3A292844abC97C3dF814DEc Litecoin LUkjqAGKC9dbvpxc7zjbURjikg7ySH9VS #mindfraud #shadowbanned #music #artwork #comedy #memes #artgallery #minds #memes #dankmemes #beauty #news #art #photography #meme #artist #design #UraniumOne #ShallWePlayAGame #MAGA

This Channel Is Dedicated To All Things In Relation To The Infamous Planet X

Welcome to my dirty channel 18+ only! Have fun 💋 🍆

Welcome To Our Humble Little Channel Here On MINDS

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Hi, I am gedereee. I share nature, animal, landscape photos on my page. I would appreciate it if you follow and like it. Thank you for visiting my page.

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I love to be loved... Show me love.

Am a girl with zero worries. I love cars. love to succeed.I am the greatest mind ever Automobile engineer and dealer of all types of cars

Nov 2017
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