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My name is Bobby and I'm 42, 2 kids, very strong Faith in God and His word, I'm a musician playing the guitar since I was twelve and metal is my first love in music.

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News, Health, etc. Supporting the research done by: The American Intelligence Media conclave Corey's Digs SGT Report X22 Report Amazing Polly You Are Free TV Natural News And We Know The Common Sense Show Exposing the Deep State Identifying the Swamp creatures Progress in restoring the Republic If you question my posts as to whether or not they reveal truth, keep in mind that it is your own personal responsibility to do your own research and make your own determination. What is truth? Do any of us have the truth? During our life time each has to question everything and move on in personal search for what we want to experience and draw into our reality that keeps us moving in eternal growth. On and on.................

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Jack of All Tirades; Host of a Nightly Talk Show. History, Culture, Comedy, and The Great Beyond.

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