I'm a Twitch streamer and Youtuber. YouTube content focuses on game reviews, gameplay highlights, movie reviews, and shower thoughts turned ramblings. Twitch content is a mix of whatever we've last reviewed, and whatever I feel like playing at the time. Help me spread the word! Any support, be it as small as an upvote or as big as a remind, is greatly appreciated. YouTube: Twitter: Twitch:
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Why not take an unorthodox look at our meaningless lives in the hope that we can better ourselves by discarding trivial nonsense? Web Development If It Wasn't For Those Damn Whelks! Moarthan News Sauce Anime Memes Faith In Humanity Score

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Human-centered Technology Enthusiast. Writer, Educator, Consultant.

Someone who's a game designer for fun. Points of Light Blog

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It is time. Thinkers, Dreamers, Doers! Welcome ALL!! All topics are up for discussion, some of my favorites are conspiracies, science and tech and history. Gaming is life so by all means lets talk GAMING!!! Also personal development, spirituality & consciousness, leadership and entrepreneurship. I want to know what you know!

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Welcome to #MindsGaming Community Gaming, Music, News, Minds Conspiracy's & More Co-op Website: Community Chat Room: Please SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL! --- Buy Our Token MTCG: Buy #MTCG Cards Join Our Community Token Ecosystem -- We promote all members on Minds not just gamers, with open groups having a wide range of interests, activities, news and more! - We do more than game, but do you play? RESOURCES: Community Resources (Not sure! Go here!) Launching Area (Launching area for member groups!) My Blogs: Hashtaged - #MindsGaming;q=%23Mindsgaming;type=group;ref=top ---- GROUPS: #GamerTube -- #Music -- #NEWS -- #Photography & #Art -- #WritingCorner -- #Outdoors: -- #420Time -- #MindTube -- #MemeWars -- #MCOSI -- Open Source Stuff For Minds We keep alot of projects on Glitch You can also checkout our Gitlab -- **Topic tags** #MindsGaming #MindTube #photography #Art #News #WritingCorner #420Time #Outdoors #GamerTube #Gaming #Music ----------- (Minds Co-Creator) ----------- #Beta Volunteer on Minds. Creator @ #MindsGaming Community Co-Owner #MCOSI --------------------------------------------------- -- #Minds #MindsGaming #GAMERClan #minds #Gaming #community #RHEC This channel would like to remain independent to the “system” if you report my channel ( @MindsGaming ) follow the terms of service and block and unsubscribe from my channel immediately I do not wish for you to see my account or channel as you do not want others to see my content in raw form. ---

Hi welcome, my profile is a collection of cool things I find on Minds and the web. If I like something I will post it or if I see something that needs to be talked or shared amongst the Minds community. Into photography, art, science, nudism, equality for all, fun and laughs. There will be the odd bit of nudity and adult themes R18 Please Subscribe.....Enjoy the ride. My Groups: R18 All Things Adults Do In The Dark Selfies -Nude and Sexy R18 Tiny House Movement

Hellow everyone! im Zevoox from ZevooxGAMES! channel. Im a new youtuber and i want to provide you with new informations and gameplays from various games played in various languages for example english, polish and japanese :) Also english is not my native language so i think it can provide you with many funny moments! :0 HERE is my channel on Youtube HERE is my channel on

Hi, I'm Evert Zwart. I'm born and raised in the Netherlands. My primary focus on the Internet is gaming. And everything related to it. I like to play games, watch others play or play with others. To me, games are a great source for entertainment, to escape or just to have some fun and relax. And I consider it an art form. Although I mostly game on my PC, I'm not allergic to consoles. There are no peasants or master races AFAIAC... ;-) I also like to draw, listen to music and watch movies. Who doesn't, right?

Just a guy on the internet who's avatar is a giant mutant alligator. I make wooden swords and tabletop games in my spare time. Discord server for game streaming: Guilded server (Like Discord but better!) Bitchute page for videos and podcasts:

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