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American Kulak. Not gonna go gently into that good night. Retired commercial fisherman, USN Sailor, proofreader/editor, subterranean bivalve mollusk excavator, and custom gunsmith. I can cook, build a timber framed structure by hand from standing trees without power, catch or kill most anything we need for protein, grow my own vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. I've fought, fucked, surfed, sailed and drank my way around the world. A couple of times. Been on nearly every continent, many countries, most oceans, seas and gulfs. Now I take care of the farm. I am a peaceful man and do not believe that we should trespass on each other's rights. If someone does then they need to be punished for their trespass, legally, financially or militarily. ATTENTION Flat Earthers: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The spheroid shape of the earth has been proven by science and mathematics. Before you continue to subscribe and get blocked, please acquaint yourself and then disprove the mathematical formulas at the following link that are used to navigate the GLOBE every day: If you can disprove that (and you cannot) then send me a sub. Until then just leave me alone. My back hurts, and I don't have patience for trifling motherfuckers.

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Apr 2018
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