Neither libtard, nor conservatard, thank you very much 我在學習中文

I've not been in the political arena until 2016. Love GOD America our Amendments. Thank GOD we are protected by the amendments because of this we are free and not living under the NWO! We the people are aware of why the Democrats want to strip off our 2nd amendment!! I proudly voted Trump Pence and will vote them in 2020. MAGA! I'm here for support & education and hope to educate others in hopes to save us from NWO Socialism.

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YouTuber who talks about news, politics, entertainment and social issues.

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Retired journalist/freelance writer, reporter for mags and newspapers in two, southern states, patriot-American, leisureist~ As a writer/journalist, I worked 21 years in the field, specializing, predominantly, in police work, profiles, features, homes/decor of every age/style, did countless restaurant reviews and promoted tourism up and down the Emerald Coast~ I'm also a food-fashioner and a #repurposer, so crafting beautiful foods and craft items is something I enjoy doing, as hobbies, when time permits. My sole purpose for engaging in this site is to get people involved in crafting and #repurposing projects and to mix and mingle + share tips and ideas with "like-#MINDed" people~ ⭐️🌴🌈🌙 ☀️ 🎀 🐸🐭🐰🐢🐑🐘 🐎🌵🎄🎋🐴🐺🐼🐶😹 🐠 🐟🐌🚢🙈🙉🐵 🐢🐛🐾👣 🍒🍓🍄🎈🔍 ☮️

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Hi, I'm here to have a few laughs & I try to see the good in everyone. I don't wish to offend or upset anyone but by chance I do offend the solution is simple- do not subscribe or unsubscribe. If you have a good sense of humor then please subscribe & share the laughs. 😊 🦋 🐝 Oh & WARNING🤬 - there seems to be a lot of cursing in my content and a wee bit of nudity👙💋...sorry

"And you were just like the moon, so lonely, so full of imperfections, but just like the moon, you shined in times of darkness." My link

My name is amine, Welcome to my profil - if you like , photograp, travel and blog follow me fast ❎ Don't follow me if u unfollow after !

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