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Right now is a fantastic time to buy Minds tokens on ForkDelta

CensorshipsucksNov 23, 2018, 4:02:46 PM

The crypto markets are having a very rough time over the past few months and now the price of Etherium is off over 90% from its all-time highs of around $1,400 to a current price of $122.19 USA.   

Fortunately, it looks like the Minds staff have adjusted the exchange rate to keep the cost of new minds tokens at 15 cents.   https://www.minds.com/token

1 Token = $0.15 USD = 0.0012077294685990338 ETH

However, if you go to ForkDelta you will see that the secondary market is priced significantly lower.   


Minds is currently selling tokens for .0012 ether  (122*.0012 = 14.64 cents)

ForkDelta is currently offering them at .000238 (122*.000238 = 2.90 cents)

In other words, you can now purchase thousands of Minds tokens on the secondary market at a 80% discount to what Minds is currently offering them.  This is a rock bottom price that will likely mark an all time low for Minds tokens.   

I guess that I should also give my readers the standard financial disclaimer that I am heavily invested in the Minds platform as a user and am a large holder of Minds Tokens.   😊