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Hope for Peace but Prepare for War For it is better to be a Warrior in times of Peace than a Gardener in times of War ------------------------------------------------------------ Avatar and Channel Banner made by @anaarkei ------------------------------------------------------------ Creator of the #MathsInMinutes blogseries that is posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday on this platform Donations to boost this blog series are appreciated and come with a shoutout for the donor ------------------------------------------------------------ Currently working on creating a recording of #Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov This project will be updated daily (it will be small readings though, between 5 and 10 minutes on average) ------------------------------------------------------------ You can also expect entries to my creative writing blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ------------------------------------------------------------ Do you like petite girls aka Lolis? I do. #FlatIsJustice because small girls deserve love, too and small breasts are a rare drop! ----------------------------------------------------------------- #Traps are also welcome here, this is turning into a den of #degeneracy ------------------------------------------------------------ Midna Inverse is my #Waifu And I will fight for her! Hack-Doll-3 is my own, personal #Trap and I will fight for him! ------------------------------------------------------------ Currently Playing (barely playing): League of Legends (PC) Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (WiiU) Splatoon ------------------------------------------------------------ Currently Reading: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov Think and Grow Rich 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson The Primarchs (Horus Heresy saga) Books about Buddhism & Zen ------------------------------------------------------------ Currently Watching: ------------------------------------------------------------ Currently learning: Japanese 10 Finger Typing NLP CBT Lightworks ------------------------------------------------------------ My interests include but are not limited to: Music Literature Creative Writing Paintings/Drawings Voice acting Cinema Anime / Manga Vidya Lifelong learning Psychology NLP CBT Weight training Health Nutrition Weight Loss methods and BPM Life coaching Weight loss coaching Data Analytics Drones RC Planes FPV Recordings Shitposting 34604263883
2D IS LIFE I fight for Loli and lolimouto kind against the oppression from normies, feminist, sjws, religious types and for the defense against Lolicons. LVL.99 ONII-CHAN Power lvl. = Over 9000 Lolicon and normie destroyer Come join the cause. ✊ #Anime #Hentai #Ecchi #Manga #VideoGame #Lewd #FlatIsJustice #Headpats #Loli #Imouto #lolimouto #DFC ~ A loli a day keeps the doctor away. Stay healthy have a loli. ~Always do the Onii-chan thing to do. ~ Imoutos are for headpats. ~Never make a loli cry, give her headpats. ~ Loli Imoutos are precious. ~ Say no to 3D and yes to 2D. ~ A loli is to be protected. Fight for her and keep her from harm. ~ Make sure she knows a small chest just means you can be closer to her heart. ~ Loli's are the answer to world peace. ~ Protect that smile. ~ Always finish inside. ~ Those who harm a Loli do not get a second chance. Off with their heads. ~ Research into bringing the 2D world into the 3D must be carried out. ~ Lolicons are not people. ~ Normies have no rights. ☆☆☆☆☆ NOT A LOLICON ☆☆☆☆☆
Kyle's mom had the right idea.
Hello everyone my name is Sam. I'll be posting my photography (mainly from Japan), music I wrote, and music I like. Enjoy, and if you like my content please subscribe!:)
What's up  Message me if you want  I dont own anything i post here just thought I'd get that out the way... Uhhhh about me huh lets see i like anime um im funny i guess that about  sums me up. Posting nsfw
im nekomata fuck this place follow me on gab
Nothing. There is nothing. AI Puppet Master.
Just your average guy from rural Oklahoma who really loves hentai and other nsfw works. I was actually inspired by @HentaiMistress to do this so if you haven't already, go subscribe to her channel and give her lots of love. Does anyone actually read these?
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