"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." -Benjamin Franklin Conservitive Mom #unBearables
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I am a self-taught indie author, who writes science fiction and fantasy. Since 2016 I've published seven books; six from my old school space opera series - #Starshatter and one anthology set in the same universe. Even though English is my 3rd language, after fifteen years of hard work and planning, I was still able to publish some of my drafts. It is only thanks to my friends, family and my loyal fans that I am still here and writing. My readers taught me a lot and they keep helping me crate more fantastic stories every day! With each new book I write, my humble skills grow a little bit. My only hope now is that the few years I have left, will be enough so I can finish the Starshatter book series and my two other decalogies. Starshatter apparel available at our new store: My Sci Fi Books are published on Amazon available both in Kindle and Paperback: If you like my work you can give me a boost by giving my book some stars on Goodreads! The Starshatters group is dedicated to my books, present and future: If you are willing and able you can support me on Patreon here My new Subscribestar page

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anti-islam, anti-communiste, i am 100% TRUMP FAN. I follow you only if you are Trump supporter. I am on RETROSHARE, for share : CQEGAcGZxsBNBFxAQ8gBCADNNRNPhlAs4bWXnXZnQWvl31XQIeHERZdSOOnTeYpp dUrillmCNgAznKy3NvQUfL2x9PfstoEHa3PYNd+RZGcIgfNjHVVyV1ZFToDnNZii dwxnIuoos5kk+K4vwgqiVgEfDFyWSjzLqLoaYTbu5dVp8/zXbu0oAtQjzTcRJzoL aUG1j30hyr4ofy+i0tHjcvEEadPSWSr3vBSQlEwLWDJsDci5ybUMB9I/3cW2sODB W65Z5NLhnj5Hb0oUbgV7LohgXotIa0QYZW3gPGH0MNkaePSaH41siHgp070sPojr yrKREo7+4afOjBi41hj6PSIuC03xyHuMEimTpoa5giwLABEBAAHNJXVzZXIgNzg5 IChHZW5lcmF0ZWQgYnkgUmV0cm9TaGFyZSkgPD7CwF8EEwECABMFAlxAQ8gJEL/s yhd6Y0Q+AhkBAACHvQf/fQ+7l/5ZYWg3xieDjXfe8YaFn6FupTRNW0waandyDC/a ufe/Uhc+7ZoGSV/0eYNsqr6y4BP7ls4NTg9f7xUAbbYE8f0SiLvQi8/PY+t88vAt P2YlJzEuwsr08iIsqSYmm6v4N0yAm9yYm4JsvwMz2wJx/yINXFN9cpAD4kyhG5o5 UtwMa7o7CmEpoWB37LlDk12Khykpo4JX2fhslQwk44tQoUGeBsHLiviFscBYtn0+ 25euKfuXPrmU9Z6igFdJ7jRTp9vxm/8iYrtjBs/lcNF2iw82HADf4J5u4An3OYa9 c8THjwzTQb/V6LTs4jjtHdZzcJfqx5dLMw7qt6n74wIGZEAxaKRNAwbAqAsCpE0E AAYLTXkgY29tcHV0ZXIFENL+nX/UNOa8+qIlSr+sn4UHAzhpeg== I delete all my account twitter, and google, i don't have facebook...................................... Retroshare is the only way to contact me.

Music in video games are often taken for granted, but some of the best music I got the pleasure to hear comes from just that! from video games! This channel is dedicated to show you the best music that video games got to offer, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride :) I'm making music mixes of games that have very good music. Both old & new games, also many different styles of music and types of games. Official Minds account for GameMusicHallberg You can also find me on YouTube. Soundcloud BitTube BitChute Twitter Steemit Enjoy the music!

Dead Youth: A Comedy - When all 25 year olds start dying of an undiagnosable illness, one young man approaching what may be the end of his life takes refuge in denial, until his first experience with love shakes him out of his comfortable but deadening complacency. Buy our last film The Reluctant God on Steam: Website:

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I am an inventor, author, blogger, Dream interpreter, researcher, teacher and most of all student of all things. I am a proud introvert, and often too edgy. I've been accused of being stupid, but never being closed minded; I always try to learn something new every day and like a true explorer I always share the most fascinating things I discover, everything I post will likely make you do a double-take if it doesn't just blow your mind, I focus my research on the subconscious mind to explore the deeper components to life.... click subscribe and let's go on an adventure together. I focus my posts on the most interesting and fascinating facts and misconceptions we have in society. My goal is to learn and share something new and interesting every day.

Alabama, United States
Sep 2018
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