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I am a poet, writer, activist, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, lover, best friend, student as well as a teacher. I AM...... It is the simplest answer, yet the most meaningful. I support Anonymous while still hoping for a non-violent solution to the human condition. My personal goal is to be the most perfect, fallible person that I can be, while fighting for equality and a abolition of "Defective Love"! Please subscribe! WebSite: My site has all my poetry, my wedding service and just my thoughts. Email: [email protected] FB SpatialDC: FB Poetry Site FB A Poetic Occasion: FB Wedding Service, I officiate weddings free. Only travel is charged and only outside of Enid, OK.

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Behind the calm, collected and sometimes indifferent outside appearance, I am a somewhat nervous individual. Complicated and elusive at first, I may seem aloof because I tend to internalize my emotions. I am an intellectual, a thinker: I am a walking, talking cerebrum! I am curious about everything. I tend to be quite skeptical and a bit of a loner. I may seem maladjusted, peculiar, severe or possessive but I can also be warm and sociable.

People helping people. Serve others now. Social-Live

Bill Ottman has implemented censorship and has banned Akana's channels (locked out). Free speech is for Bill's clown gang, bitches and sycophants. @MindsMedia for Narcissistic Abuse information and more. Primary Channel: @Akana ----------------------------------- MY GROUPS The Bookcase Go Natural Psychology - New Age

Jun 2016
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