Firm supporter of the United States Constitution, lover of my country and the people within, God bless the Republic. As for the governing body of almost every country I am absolutely disgusted with them all, governments are supposed to be small and unobtrusive and only protect the people of their countries, this has become a fable. None of them not one has the interest of their own peoples safety in mind nor do they have their happiness at heart, they are all corrupt and need to be reformed or replaced.
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Frequently posting #NSFW content to make your life kinkier and remote job openings - because you should be able to work from anywhere

Former balloon artist now I am a stroke survivor.

Fictional character from @Aragmar's awesome series of books Starshatter. Lover of pie. Explorer of food from all lands. Varied interests including languages and their connections to each other.

Aspiring writer of Fantasy Fiction. My novella is coming out in late 2021 / early 2022.

wannabe fantasy author, poet, occasional photographer

I like to talk nerd stuff, politics and guns. I am by most accounts about liberty and free speech, completely against censorship beyond calls for violence. Check out the YT channel at Valpeys Gaming

Proud American #patriot; #WalkAway from #Dems 1998; registered Independent; "émigré" from People's Republic of Massachusetts; #prolife #Catholic #NotreDameCathedralLivesOn; #conservative #MAGA #KAG #AmericaFirst #SaveAmerica; #BCAlumni #ForBC #AlwaysAnEagle Suspended from Twitter for truth-telling (Badge of Honor); Parler: SeacoastEagle2; Gab: SeacoastEagle3; New Hampshire Seacoast Region

Mar 2018
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