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Some HERO's are hard to Recognize, they speak TRUTH

BdamSmartJun 24, 2017, 2:35:54 AM

24 June 2017

ASK WHY!!!!?

How do you know that? You are not UNAmerican, if you disagree with me, but you do HAVE to EXPLAIN and help me UNDERSTAND your WHY and PROOF that lead to that LEANING of a POSITIONS, because if I lean that way also, I then HAVE to be able to EXPLAIN MYSELF THE WHY I LEAN THAT WAY. (Beliefs are for People who know their Cannons, Axioms, and Maxims; and they are special, but can explain the WHY, super easy, like to a 5 year old, simple like.) Ok, he was wong, semi anyway.

There are ALWAYS a Minimum of 3 PERSPECTIVES of EVERYTHING, often many more - people like to only discuss just ONE or 1, then they attach a Belief word to it, instead of a LEANING; which only means - they stopped looking for BETTER ANSWERS. Unable to even Accept a TRUTH when PRESENTED BOLDLY, because that means they were WRONG, and they told others of their Belief...so now they have to Correct it, go tell them, and well that HURT an EGO...too much, to ADMIT.

ANGER comes when it sets in, because they can't find the Good proof otherwise...realizing, then hoping no one noticed their ERROR or MISTAKE. Leaning can CHANGE, like a coin flip, when TRUTHFUL information IS DISCOVERED.

So now 1 piece of a puzzle, changes, does the whole puzzle change? Do other links or portions of the PUZZLE CHANGE? Yes? Wow, how do you explain that? How many other puzzle pieces change then? What does the BIG PICTURE LOOK LIKE NOW? Where are the HOLES in that picture NOW? FUCK, shit happens, and why did I let bad information SLIP into my PUZZLE is the thought you should Have NOW!!!

This is why TRUTH is DEMANDED!!! Best you GOT!!!

Its your own REPUTATION THAT IS ON THE LINE!!!! What do you do to protect your TRUTHFUL REPUTATION? Are you a Somebody with one or a NOBODY without ONE? Ask a Drug addict? What do you get? Why be one? What was so bad that made you need to be one? Do you trust one? WHY? (Maxim - All truth is only half truth)

So I'm going to help him out with his very LAST words(in the video, attached), of Mistake, where he said "Just understand the "word" Free, usually just means - You ain't paying for it." So the half truth there is, just not with MONEY (of account, or exchange) but you will pay for it with LOSS of CONTROL of your LIFE, as the only thing Valuable is a person, their LIFE, TIME, and FOCUSED attention - and normally you get Paid in the ILLUSION of MONEY for that kinda thing - so if you don't have any? Well you pay with a portion of your LIFE, lots of your 'would have been your time' now OWNED by the ILLUSION Makers, and your EFFORT are then FOCUSED on what they TELL YOU THEY ARE NOW FOCUSED ON. So technically, a SLAVE.

Who works for FREE, backed up by the Constitution, Ammendment XIII where you are not FORCED to be a slave, UNLESS duly CONVICED of a CRIME or you VOLUNTEER TO BE ONE!!! You got to do MORE than just read the words, but Understand or Comprehend the words, meaning in context.

  • When did you sign your last BEGGING PAPERS called Application for Contract or Slavery, just without the slavery WORD?
  • Don't you know what you Signed?
  • Ever hear of Maxim "Contract is the LAW?''
  • So just what did your CONTRACT SAY?
  • That is right Bitch, you are one NOW, signed sealed and delivered, with just a simple stroke of the PEN, which is what? Mightier than the SWORD?

Well they(guess, as they are your Servants) don't carry swords anymore, but wear BLUE and Carry GUNS, never afraid NOT to shoot, should you question their AUTHORITY.

Welcome to UNDERSTANDING THE GAME, or One Piece of the Puzzle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs1IkMeClx8

~That Guy, or Me wrote this, some smartass, pissing people off with TRUTH DISCOVERED, should we call him "The Observer" :)