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To Kill A Mockingbird Is One Of The Best Novel To Film Adaptations Ever.

☆FreeSpeech☆Jan 16, 2021, 3:55:11 AM

This review took a little longer than expected, since my computer was down for the most part. But I love this movie for a couple of reasons. Gregory Peck is one of my favorite actors. To Kill a Mockingbird is a childhood favorite of mine and I have the book.

Yes, I actually read the book and loved it.

Some people may say the book was boring or the film was better because of the actors, but I love both the film and the book.

They are equal in my eyes; the only difference is one is a visual novel and the other is just words on a page.

Both have wonderful scenes (whether it's vivid paragraphs of description or beautiful cinematography) they both shouldn't be forgotten.

Reading is fun, says Atticus! 

Now, it's been a very long time since I've seen this film. So if I miss anything, please bear with me. I'm just going from what I remember, so this review won't be super long like the other ones...

I'm not going to spoil everything for you either, because I want more people to watch this classic film. If you haven't watched To Kill A Mockingbird, then you can go ahead and read this spoiler free review.

Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird and it was published in 1960. She won a Pulitzer Prize and this classic American literature was in every school classroom and library in the state. It's funny though, because in my school we weren't forced to read it.

Instead, we watched the film.

When I grew older, I eventually read the book and loved it, because I remember the film. The film is very faithful to the novel.

I have the same book cover as this one.

I don't think this book was ever written to have a sequel and there are some disputes about that, dealing with a second novel and Harper Lee's relatives, etc. I genuinely believe that Harper Lee was just writing a biography of her life and childhood.

If you believe she's a racist because she wrote this one book, I truly could care less.

People from all walks of life write books about their childhoods and how it was in the past. Please leave Harper Lee alone. She's long dead now and should be at peace; she is not Adolf Hitler or some serial rapist/killer.

Judge people based on their actions, not on their skin color and not on one fucking book they wrote in their entire life.

Just my two cents about that.

Moving right along. The story is about a girl growing up in the South. Her name is Jean Louise and her nickname is "Scout." Her father is a lawyer, Atticus Finch, who has an unusual case to solve. Atticus is the only defense lawyer against a mob of angry white men, who want to lynch an innocent black man for the crime of rape. Grant it, there is no proof whatsoever and it's more about prejudice due to the victim's skin color.

Atticus teaches his children about the law and how he tries to uphold the law to the best of his ability, despite everything he goes through. Their own friends and neighbors treat them differently, because Atticus decided to do the right thing and stand up for a black man.

Scout and her little brother see the harsh realities of life in their own town. They learn about the good and bad in all types of people, regardless of their skin color.

Atticus is a great fatherly figure, who serves an important role in his children's lives.

He teaches them to read and how to think for themselves.

I love this scene.

I love Scout especially. She's spunky and full of energy, but she's also curious about the world and has that childlike innocence about her. She's smarter than she looks, even though she has a habit of not listening and getting herself into trouble. I mean, what child is always perfect?


Scout's not perfect at all, but she does have a lot of courage unlike most adults twice her age.

The villains in this case. Sad, but true.

The other children are also interesting in their own ways. Like Scout's brother and their friend from next door. It's the children who are more like the heroes in this film, including Atticus. I think everyone should watch this movie more often, because it has beautiful imagery and it has a well written story. Not all the characters are fleshed out by the way, such as the villains and even some of the minor black characters, who don't say anything at all.


It's flawed slightly in that way; however, you have to remember it was written from the POV (point of view) of a little girl.

These child actors played their roles really well.

Anyway, that's it for my review. I know it was short but at least it was painless. Go check out the film whenever you have the time. It's a real gem and it's a classic film for everyone of all ages.


by W.D. Lady