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The Handmaid's Tale Is Leftist Propaganda That Blames All Of Christianity But Not Islam At Its Core.

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Written April 29, 2018 by W.D. Lady. 

I have no intentions of ever continuing to watch this show. Please do not ask me to write a second review on this one or to try to watch this show again (because you claim I missed something) until the very end. I don't care if the story has gotten better, which I doubt it has... you couldn't pay me to watch this slog of a TV show. If pictures and gifs don't show up, that's not my fault.


Yes, you read that title correctly and I do really mean it.


There’s one word that comes to mind when I watched this series…



This gif really captured all of my emotions while I was watching this Godawful show.


If you love this show and think it’s a masterpiece that deserves a million oscars/awards, don’t read any further because I’m going to be brutally honest with you. If you hate spoilers, stop now.


I really hate this show.


I hate it for a number of reasons, but first let’s talk about the positive things in this show. Yes, let’s go over the good things.

Brief summary: The Handmaid’s Tale was a book written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood and published in 1985. It tells the story of a distant future, where women are treated as slaves in a patriarchy and theocratic society.

Women are considered the lower class, who are just seen as breeders. All females are brainwashed in every stage of life: from birth to death. Men dictate everything and women aren’t allowed to read, drive, go to school, and own property (very much like Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East today).


Just take a look at the cover of the first edition book. It’s creepy as hell.

Yeah, that’ll give me nightmares for a week.


We follow the life of Offred, who’s real name is June. June is one of the few women around in the world that are considered fertile. Apparently, Global Warming, pollution, and war has made it difficult for the majority of the population to have children. Not many women can have kids and even if they do give birth to a child, many of them die due to disease or whatever it is that’s killing them.


Basically like that one movie. 


Children of Men.

It wasn’t a bad movie, but it could’ve been better.


So, what are the things that I liked about The Handmaid’s Tale?


The Cinematography.

That’s it.


All the scenes are well lit and shot, but that’s the only thing I liked about this series.


What I hate about this series:


1.) All the characters. I hate everyone of them. I especially hate June. It’s not good when you have a main character that you extremely dislike with a passion. Why do I dislike her so much? 


It’s because she hasn’t tried to escape. 

Not even once.


She hasn’t attempted to escape the Republic of Gilead (the cult community of Islam), she killed an innocent man (along with a mob of other Handmaids), she hasn’t done anything whatsoever to make me like her. I get it. She’s trying to survive for her child, who may be dead or alive… but come on. Grow a backbone. Do something.

Anything but more internal monologues of how much you hate this place and the Commander, blah blah blah. I can’t stand it. Action is always happening to June, even though she may walk around sometimes… she’s not taking any steps or making any plans of how to get away from this cult.

I get it that she’s being watched. But the many times she’s alone in her room, could you have her thinking about something else besides flashbacks of her past life, because it gets boring after seeing her child and husband for the 40th time. Have her think of a plan and let’s see how she would go about it, running scenarios in her mind on whether she fails or not.


It’s not that hard, folks.

Am I asking for too much here?


2.) The only character I may have liked and had some sympathy for was probably Ofglen (who ends up with a fate worse than death: FGM) and the one-eyed girl (Janine), who ends up crazy after members cut out her eye. None of the other characters have done anything to resist nor revolt in any kind of way.

3.) This show uses Bible verses and twists them around. Cult members are using scriptures to torture other Handmaids. The creators of this show truly hate Christians and Christianity in general. I get that religion can be used to hurt and kill people, but if the director of this show decided to quote Koranic (or Quranic) verses of the Koran (or Quran) do you think this show would be getting such rave reviews?


Fuck no.


The crew and everyone who helped produce this show would get so many death threats from… you guessed it!


Not to mention, the backlash from Leftists and Feminists, who defend Islam, Sharia Law, and Islamic Female Mutilation on a daily basis.

4.) The episodes are way too long. Hence, why they’re so boring. You could wrap everything up in a tightly thirty minute structure. No more and no less. This is why a film editor is desperately needed.


Everything can be explained with less exposition. Less is more.

This was me the whole time.


You don’t need to show us the infidels they hang up and kill by the river (beside the bridge) every fucking day. We get it the first time. Everything looks pretty and green in the neighborhood. It’s not shocking to see military men at every corner, armed to the teeth.

We don’t need June walking up the same path in every episode with her doing the grocery shopping. We don’t need to see her standing in the rain for ten minutes or more, just thinking to herself.


We got it. All right.

5.) Stop treating the audiences like we’re a bunch of idiots. The way the Handmaids are dressed should’ve been black burqas. Everyone speaks in religious tones and dresses like they’re from the Middle Ages.

I had a hard time even making sense out of this and it took me out of the show completely. I get it that the elites can dress up however they want to… while the soldiers are dressed like modern times, in black.


However, if you want to make it more realistic, everyone should follow a strict dress code that reflects their status for life, even the elites.


6.) How is this show even remotely feminist? This is not a feminist film. Showing that the men have power and elite females have power is not a patriarchy system. In fact, the elite females are even worse than the men in charge. I get it that the women are following orders from men, but we are not shown that. Not even once.

7.) It’s never explained in June’s past who made the law where females have no rights. You need a main villain somewhere. Where did this cult originate from? Was it a man? Or was it a woman dictator? And I’m not going to read the book to find this out either.

June never mentions the group, but every group has one Head Leader, who’s like the President of the United States. This is why I hate this show so much. There’s no Founding Fathers or no pictures of the Cult Leader. This cult didn’t just magically appear out of everyone’s ass, you know.

8.) Why are the majority of the men on this show such wimps? If this is really a patriarchy like the show goes around parading to be, why would good men agree to this kind of life? Not to mention, many of the good men (a preacher, a soldier, a gay man) are killed off without much of a fight. I don’t understand this nonsense.


A lot of the people killed in this show happen to be Men.


If women are treated so badly in this cult community, it would be women who would be killed on a daily basis NOT MEN. Go to Saudi Arabia where men can freely rape women as much as they like, without getting charged nor sent to jail. Men can stone women to death and no one bats an eyelid.

In fact, the Handmaids have it quite easy. They won’t be killed off whatsoever, because they need to be used as baby making machines. However, not once do I see any of them commit suicide or try to get themselves killed in the process of escaping.

If I lived in the Handmaid’s Tale setting, I’d probably get shot trying to fight off some guard or drown in the river trying to escape. It’s better to die than to say, “By God’s Grace,” or “God’s eye” a million times, every single day.


Just try talking in Latin or in Shakespearean quotes. That would be enough to drive anyone insane.


9.) The music is really bad in particular scenes. I understand they use the music to reflect our modern times, but why is it being played throughout the show. It practically yanks me out of the atmosphere and I feel as though I’m being played.

The music doesn’t have any emotional impact on scenes whatsoever. It feels overrated and tacky.


It’s mostly used as a gimmick to make you feel something, but some scenes don’t really need music. Sometimes, silence is better.


10.) I was able to predict what was going to happen, before it happened. I could actually see the Three Act Structure of the script. I happen to be a Screenplay Writer and I know this by heart.


Nothing in this series surprised me at all. I knew that there would be a cliffhanger at the end of each episode.


If the writers want it to be different, please stop ending episodes on a cliffhanger. Please stop giving us the obvious clues. There was no foreshadowing whatsoever. No subtly. Nope. You just told us exactly what was going to happen, every step of the way.

I knew that the Commander would want to see June in private and would want to play a board game of Scrabble with her. I knew that June’s friend would end up getting caught by the end of episode two, after June just talked to the handyman guy who works at the mansion. He even warned her to stay away from what’s her name. You basically spoon feed us the information. June’s friend even told her that there was a spy in the house.


I don’t even care anymore.


After watching some of the episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale on Netflix, my final thoughts are…

Two thumbs down for me.