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The Fall of Hollywood: Why Movies Lack Intelligence, Story, and Creativity (Part 2).

👁DONTSLEEP👁Mar 16, 2021, 8:51:36 PM

This was originally published 2019, but has been rewritten. Part 1 is here. I may write a Part 3, but that depends on some things...


So, I've had a chance to rethink about this review for some time and I will discuss all the movies up above, but I'm going to give more in-depth reviews. This may be a very long review or short, depending on how I feel today... we'll see how it goes.


Me thinking about the pros and cons of writing again...


After officially closing my Flash Renegade site, I wondered if it even mattered to post stories or movie reviews, seeing as Cancel Culture is everywhere. One wrong "sentence,"  or "word," or the wrong kind of "thought" could be twisted by the POC Mob into something that never was.

In general, I don't give a flying donkey's ass what people think of me afterwards. I stopped caring because no matter what I do or say, I'm going to offend somebody. I can't live my life walking on eggshells forever.


Let's get this review out of the way once and for all, so I can move on with my life.


Ghost In The Shell (2017)

I saw this Godawful film twice and even that was too much effort for me.  It was still a waste of my time... 


Starring: Scarlett Johansson... who barely emotes or even acts in this film. Don't know why they picked her for this role.

Rating: PG-13... this should've been an R-rating.

Running Time: 1 hour, 47 minutes. Way too long.

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama.... five minutes of real action in the beginning and two minutes in the end, hardly any drama and actual crime fighting at all.

Summary: In the near future, Mayor Mira is the first of her kind (not true!). A human saved from a terrible crash...she was always human by the way...she gets an enhanced robotic body (not true) to fight dangerous criminals (she kind of doesn't fight any criminals in this flick, just 1 and 1/2 of a villain, and there's barely any action sequences at all). Since this is supposed to be based off the original movie, Ghost in the Shell (1995), there's a couple things seriously wrong with this summary.


I did read the manga.

Some scenes are a bit spicy and adult to get into this review at the moment. But one thing's for sure is Masamune Shirow loved drawing big-breasted Lesbians... oh yeah! >:]


And I've watched the anime version of Ghost in the Shell from 1995. The movie wasn't my favorite, but I loved the soundtrack and I have to give credit where its due. The film was way ahead of its time that it actually inspired the Matrix (1999) and the sequels.

Directed by Mamoru Oshii, who's also a screenwriter and novelist. He's done Lupin, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Angel's Egg, including many other big anime films and TV shows.


My favorite was the TV show... Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for its adult themes, great soundtrack, and an intelligent premise of a world, where living machines and humans coexisted together in a futuristic setting. 

Mayor is my favorite character, including Batou, Saito, and more.


Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Stand Alone Complex was meant to explore the ideas of the soul of an individual, living inside a robotic part or synthetic body, such as androids. These machines could be good or bad, depending on the situation they were in. It was the concept and great effort to detail that made the original movie and the TV series such a big hit to people worldwide. Ghost in the Shell has a cult following and it's because it was made for adults and only for adults.


Why did Ghost in the Shell (2017) Fail?

This movie flopped for a couple of reasons. 

  • Bad editing. Some scenes dragged on way too much. There's a lot of places where it needed to be cut and trimmed to remove filler.
  • A terrible script from the start.
  • The dialogue was so bad. Some parts had subtitles for Japanese actors while the majority of the cast spoke English. Very off putting, but we'll get to that part later.
  • The music and the soundtrack was lacking. Big disappointment.
  • Too much CGI overload and bright colors in certain areas, especially with the city... I started to get a headache from the pop-up ads on the buildings. Way too much eye explosions of color.
  • No real suspense or real thought about character development.
  • No real villains in the actual plot. It's like 1 and 1/2 of a villain with a sprinkle of evil minions everywhere.
  • No cute talking Tachikomas. The flexible, fighting blue machines that had spunk. They even had different personalities and had more humor than the robot Scarlett Johansson did.
  • PG-13 rating when it should've been R with more adult themes, violence, and blood. Dumbing it down for everyone was a big mistake.
  • Some of the scenes felt like they'd basically ripped off from the original movie shot for shot. How original is that?
  • Scarlett Johansson's and many other actors can't even act to save their own lives.


So, let me get straight to the movie itself. I watched this movie twice. One time by myself and I couldn't even get past the first two acts. The second time, I watched with my sister and she practically fell asleep, because the movie was so boring after the first action sequence.


It was that Godawful.


Sure, the beginning was all right when Mayor goes into the dinning room, trying to save some diplomat or politician (who I don't care about)... and she's shooting up the place... but afterwards, the pacing slowed down to a snail's crawl. This is why having a good editor is such a key role. When you have too much filler, you need to cut out the fat and leave in only the meaty parts.


Basically, the only way to fix this horrible abomination of a movie is to just erase it and start again from scratch. 


Hire a new cast, a new editor, and a new director.


If you've ever seen the movie called Lucy (2014), this is why Scarlett's acting was so emotionless and robotic.


The first five to ten minutes of Lucy (2014) is actually really suspenseful, because Scarlett looks fearful and you feel sorry for this poor character, who's in such a dangerous predicament. But after she gets her superpowers, she becomes like a lifeless shell... basically a God.

In addition, Scarlett getting into politics and talking about Planned Parenthood and about abortion is a huge reason why me and many others have decided to boycott Hollywood. It seriously messed up her image and not to mention, insulting your fanbase is a big no-no. You basically lost half or more, maybe your entire audience, by fueling the fires of political division.


No real villains...

He was sort of a baddie, but he's actually a good guy... 


The only characters I liked in this flick was the dude above me, the actor playing Batou, and the dog. When a dog is more likable and has more personality than the main character herself, that's where your problem lies in. I didn't feel anything for Scarlett nor Mayor...and why would I? You gave the audience nothing to relate to. She's so wooden and stiff in her performance, at times I wondered whether she was playing a mannequin. 


Give me a movie about Batou and the dog any time of day.


Another thing I wanted to see was the Tachikomas from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. These were cute and funny little machines that Mayor used often to help her fight in combat. Each one had a different personality and they were such a delightful bunch in the TV series.  

Give me a movie about these Tachikomas right here any day and I'll pay you, so I can watch it.


Changing the rating and dumbing down the audience...


I get it. They wanted to make Ghost in the Shell more popular with a younger audience, but by bringing the rating down you also insult your audience's intelligence. It was written for adults in mind and making it for a bunch of teens, just feels like a wasted opportunity. This movie had such good potential and they blew it big time.

Certain movies like Ghost in the Shell shouldn't be made for teenagers and there's a reason why. With an older audience, you don't have to explain everything in simple terminology. This drastic rating change made all the difference in the film, and ruined the core elements that made the original so special to fans.

Of course, the censorship thing is part of it too... seeing as Mayor does walk around naked in the anime movie version.  Except for the TV series, she has on a black suit instead that works perfectly fine, and she can still be in camouflage with the invisible shield, etc. 

The reason for her nudity was that she could make herself invisible and yes, maybe taking off her clothes may have been too much for an American audience to see...since more people have a problem with nudity in general, especially of the female body due to feminists being triggered so easily and talking about the "male gaze" and etc etc.


I guess being a naked sexy, smart, and crime fighting badass is too much for some feminists to handle.


Anyway, the plot of this movie is all over the place. We find out that Scarlett Mayor used to be an Asian girl, who was kidnapped and placed into the military by force... I don't know if I should be offended by all of this, but I was more offended by the Japanese subtitles (not by the actor, who plays Aramaki) when clearly our hero is not speaking Japanese at all. Scarlett Mayor doesn't say one Japanese word throughout this entire film.

Apparently, Mayor forgot she was actually Asian, despite having a human brain, and never once remembers she can actually speak in her native language. However, she does have flashbacks or glitches in her system of a past life she doesn't remember.

So... you're telling me she has a human brain, but the point of Ghost in the Shell is that the soul of the individual never truly goes away, even if they're in a different body. If you put a dog's brain into a human body, will it still act like a dog?

The answer is yes. 

No matter how hard you try, you'll still have a dog's brain... an Asian brain shouldn't forget how to speak Japanese...

The brain shouldn't forget everything, just because you're in a different body. I get that you may have memory problems, but only if the brain suffered from a traumatic injury... but a healthy brain should be fine. Scarlett Mayor (or Mira) wasn't in any car crash and certainly didn't get injured in the process, so her losing her memory was for the sake of the plot.

To make a long story short... Scarlett Mayor fights back at the organization that created her and some other villain (in a business suit), who tries to kill her with some giant tank. Of course, Scarlett Mayor is an idiot and thinks she can defeat this high-tech military grade war tank...but her arms break apart and she falls over.

So, where's this enhanced body you were boasting about earlier, huh?

In the original movie, Mayor can still get injured and damaged... as long as the brain is perfectly in tact, she's fine and she can always get a new body. But she's no Superman. Just like any machine, they do break down and sometimes get damaged as a result of constant fighting in combat.

In one earlier scene, Batou loses his eyes at the nightclub bar fight, which was so bad in terms of everything.  Scarlett Mayor was trying to find the Baddie, who's not really a bad guy, but actually a good guy hooked up to some wires... and there's this explosion, which almost kills everyone and results in Batou getting new robotic eyes from the top secret organization...the same organization that they work for...


As you can probably tell, I just stopped caring about trying to make sense of this movie and its many plot holes.


My rating for Ghost in the Shell (2017) is a solid F.

Moving on...


Hereditary (2018)


Starring: Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne... 

Rating: it's R... only one scene I found to be scary enough, but this movie was a complete joke.

Running Time: 2 hours and 7 minutes... WTF?!

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery... the only mystery was that WTF ending and that was it. I didn't find anything about it to have horror and any drama, except comedy.

Summary:  A family haunted by something... just know that it was the Devil from the gecko. That will make things easier, since I have to explain this monstrosity. 


Where do I begin with this Godawful flick?

Just kill me right now...


I'm gonna keep this short. I found this movie to be extremely boring and scenes that were supposed to be dramatic, made me burst out with laughter. Was this movie supposed to be a SNL comedy or something? 


I found it hard to suspend disbelief in everything. Let me go over what happened in this whatever this is...


How much did they pay these actors to make a fool out of themselves?


So there's this family that has a son, who's the oldest, and a young daughter, who's clearly has some disability or is autistic or maybe down syndrome. Just know that I'm not making fun of the actor, who may be born this way, and I have no problems with anyone who has disabilities.

The older brother goes to his friend's party and he drags the sister around, since he's the babysitter or whatever. His sister eats something and starts to have a seizure... she's allergic to peanuts and that's why she's having a horrible reaction to it.

He tries to drive her to the hospital and tells the sister to stick her head out the window, but he drives into a pole or tree... which results in killing his sister and her head rolls on the road.

The next day, we see the sister's head covered in blood and flies... the brother drives to his house where the parents are waiting. The mother screams and the father is trying to figure out why.


The parents nor the brother call the police. Don't know why... cause this would be a good time to get them involved.


Some days later, the son is in his room and spends much of his time in depression. Even at school there's rumors about him and everyone knows what he did to his sister. This could've been a great time to seriously reflect and focus on this single character, seeing how he might've regretted his decisions and what not.


But nah...


They instead show us a bunch of horror tropes and cliches. A scene of the mother, trying to communicate with the dead daughter and some other stupid jump scares.


Did not one person think about getting a therapist for the family?  No one thought of getting this boy some real counseling at school?  Why isn't the boy in jail for something like this? And how come no one is going to mention the elephant in the room? No news coverage for something this big?

Where the hell are the police? Is the town that small you can't punish the boy for his actions?


Little did we know, but the sister is actually some demonic entity (the devil), but the boy didn't know that and he thinks it's all his fault... but he actually did the right thing in killing whatever his sister is.

However, the spirit of the demon is alive in the house and the family starts going crazy to the point that the father catches on fire and burns to death while the mother literally crawls up the walls and eventually beheads herself (don't know how that would be possible) and they all live happily ever after.


Nothing in this movie made a lick of sense...

Just a normal family, dealing with a demonic entity...


The laws of physics and the laws of gravity don't even apply to this film. The only thing that was truly scary was when the boy was looking at himself in the mirror. Not to mention, his mole is the scariest monster ever in this entire movie.

That mole has got to go... it's one of Satan's minions.


Don't know how dead floating, headless bodies just go flying around from one place to the next...


The special effects were not that special and I felt that they just bought some Halloween decorations at the dollar store, like those ghost dummies draped in white sheets, and held them on a piece of string.

I was basically confused at how badly this story was written. Didn't care about any of the characters and left wondering why I even watched this film in the first place, even though it got rave reviews from many critics... this horror flick is a snooze fest and you better just avoid this one at all costs.


My rating for this movie is a D-.


Ready Player One (2018)

Such a bad movie... predictable at every turn... 

Starring: Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, and a bunch of other actors I didn't care for.

Rating: PG-13... Steven Spielberg directed this movie and I have to say it's his worst film ever.

Running Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes... What the heck is with these long times? My God, just stop.

Summary: Basically, a mix of James Cameron's Avatar, everything that you loved about the 80s being used as a lure, and VR (Virtual Reality) world.



I haven't read the books based on the movie, but I have no plans on doing so. Maybe one of these days, if I ever have the patience to get through the first chapter, like I did with this movie.

I have nothing against the author, but man... stop using nostalgia of the 80s as clickbait.


I tried really hard to like this film, but it was such a letdown and a big disappointment overall. It had so much potential, and yet I think all this movie cared about was visual effects. I'm sorry, but special effects cannot save a movie if the story and characters are not well developed. 

I figured out the secret within the first act, especially with them all searching for the three keys of OASIS or whatever it's called. As the movie progressed, I actually cared less and less about the characters, the story, and the plot. I don't even know the names of the characters, because I just didn't like any of them.

All I know is that there's one main handsome white guy, who happens to fall in love with this beautiful chick, who's online... but what's even more surprising... is she's not an overweight fat dude in his mid-40s.

Grant it, I have a hard time suspending disbelief and seeing that the main character, who lives in the slums, and has no money... would be this attractive either, especially since he's playing video games and eating junk food every single day...

But I digress... 


There's also a black girl, who plays a lesbian character, an asian guy or two, and some other diversity quotas that had to be made for the making of this film. You would think they would make a film, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games all day.

Not to mention, the very addictive nature of VR world and the negative side effects of this kind of powerful technology. 


But nope...

They don't even give you a believable world nor a believable set of rules.


If the main character was an overweight fat guy, I'd believe the premise of this entire movie and give it a better grade... but it doesn't do that and all the main characters are highly attractive, despite that the world is in total ruins. I don't get what they were going for and I just felt dumber after watching this movie.

Give me some kind of believable world and put some actual effort into it. But the CGI effects basically took over the entire plot and it was like a gimmick more than anything else...

And I didn't appreciate the fact that they used things and characters from the 80s to be used as a way of "Oh, looky here! It's the robot from that one movie you saw as a kid! Remember him?" and then to be discarded like a piece of trash the next moment. I mean, if you're going to have things from the 80s, at least use them in a way that's respectful and not as a way of luring people in, just to watch a movie.

They couldn't figure out any clever ways to use these characters and objects. I felt cheated by the whole system.

My rating for this movie is an F.



Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

 God, what a mess this film was...


Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rafe Spall, and some other actors who I didn't care about.

Running Time: 2 hours and 8 minutes.... O__O

Rating: PG-13... are we ever going to get a R-rated dinosaur movie with blood and guts?

Summary: Basically, like Jurassic Park: Lost World all over again but with slight variations and a volcano.


Love Chris Pratt, but this movie was still Godawful. 

No matter what Chris Pratt did, even he couldn't save this freaking disaster of a movie.


I think the Jurassic Park franchise should've ended with Jurassic World as the last movie––the final straw. I don't know why we're going to add more sequels and milk it for all its worth, until it's practically dead. Like beating a dead raptor with a stick so it can be turned into soup.


Jurassic World (2015) wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.  

The last five to ten minutes were probably the best part and redeemed a dying franchise, but what do I know... I'm just a nobody.


Anyhoo, to make a long story short... there's a volcano on the island... don't know why they built a theme park with dinosaurs nearby a volatile island that could explode any day now, but whatever. 

So Chris Pratt and the other people in his group need to try to save Blue (his pet raptor) and these military men, who are not the good guys, deceive them and snatch up some of the dinosaurs... so they can sell to rich investors or to be used as weapons in some secret organization. 

Chris Pratt and his team survive getting eaten left and right, hot lava that's like inches from your face, falling off a cliff, and nearly drowning only to be sent off to some place (this secret mansion) where they're trying not to get eaten all over again.

This rich guy who has a daughter, who is a clone... he kills the grandfather and the daughter finds out about his plans to use the dinosaurs for evil. Don't know how that would work exactly, since these things have a mind of their own. Chris Pratt and the lady, who I keep forgetting to care about, 'cause she was so annoying in the last movie... try to ruin this rich guy's plans.

Anyway, some gas goes off in the basement which would kill off all the dinosaurs and the little girl (who's a clone), decides to release these dangerous creatures into the world... because she's alive, just like them.


What the fuck?!


So because you're alive, you're going to release a T-rex to freely cause destruction and mayhem wherever he goes. How many people are going to die from this exactly? I mean, did you not think through about the consequences of your actions and all the innocent women, men, and children who might get trampled on or eaten because of this reckless decision.


Great job, kid!

The entire world is officially a more dangerous place now, because of your stupid actions. There should not be a sequel to this at all. Either the US military gets involved and shoot every last dinosaur dead or they move them to another island that doesn't have volcanoes. But that's basically the same plot as Lost World all over again. How many times are we going to repeat this mistake? 

Either way, everyone dies because once these dinosaurs start reproducing it's game over for the rest of us...


This movie's rating is an F.

I'm 1000% done.