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@AzureNova The smart, witty, charming half of the twitch gaming group: The MidKnights. Pfft, who am i kidding? I shitpost, abuse gaming memes, talk politics, and bullshit over video games. You should still subscribe and follow our channels, though! I've started a few groups on here if you want to join. Monster Girls Union Monster Girls Union (18+)
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Time is the only thing that you can never get back, I've wasted some of mine on people that didn't even deserve a second of it....if I could go back some people would be scratched out of my history book!! And yes the banner pic is mine more available...

We're a startup open source creative commons production company. We currently trying to expand our grass roots movement. Please support our artist with likes, reminds, and boost, if you like what they are offering. The new era of music begins with this journey. We hope you enjoy the ride, and look forward to your commentary. If your interested in getting your work involved with our group please tag us in your work and we will have a listen and if we like it we will repost it on our page.

Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.

Comics about the comical notions of social justice.

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Glad I could help.

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Writer, gamer, returned yet again to Minds. Former Airforce, disabled retired vet and feeling good to just post book excerpts here for what I am working on. Married TheInZombiac

Don't just lurk 👀 Be social 🤝 I'm a simple person and I appreciate simple things 🍔🎣🚴‍♀️🥾🏖️🤿 I value love and interpersonal relationships above all else. I'm not right or left 🙅 I just want everyone to be free and happy 😙 Live and let live. I'm very interested in the DeFi movement and I know that crypto, NFT's and the digitization of everything is indeed the future of human society. - Free Spirit - Seeker - Gamer 🎮 Like my stuff? Wire me a token 🙏 Notice ⚠️: I do not automatically reciprocate a sub.

✝ 💜Violet Alice Evans💜 "Hi, how are you?" Daniel Johnston 🐸 Art person/ internet pseudo disc jockey/ political psychonaut. 🇺🇸 Center Incentive hostess on

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Adult gifs and pics and sometimes vids, its kinda self explanatory. All our stuff is straight and female focused FYI

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