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Spaceship blog 5

AragmarSep 24, 2018, 4:57:19 PM

Space Shuttle

The humble space shuttle, in all of its many variants and modifications, is perhaps one of the most widely used starships in the galaxy. Most common models have atmospheric wings, good life support, and a cargo hold. It is capable of hauling one standard cargo container or a small ground vehicle if needed. Most shuttles are 50m long and 20m wide and their atmospheric wings can fold to conserve space when docking on space stations or big starships. A craft like that can be crewed by as few as two and as many as five crewmen. Those can be specialized pilots and engineers commanded by a proper captain or just a bunch of unruly colonists, who are off to conquer the surface of a distant planetoid, their shuttle's cargo hold full to the brim with supplies. 

Beautiful but fragile. Often your shuttle may be one shot away from turning into a heap of scrap.

Versatile as they are, shuttlecraft can be modified to perform almost any task you need them to. From replacing your cargo hold and installing comfortable passenger seats, luxurious life support system and top of the line grav-plating to butchering the hull, plasma welding on it folding mining drills. Spacers of the Terran Minarchy are perhaps one of the rare few who build their own exploratory shuttlecraft. A true marvel of spaceship engineering and design, those vessels sacrifice the spacious cargo hold in favor of larger fuel capacity, weapons, and better sensor array. Those are more often than not built by the youngest daughter of each Spacer family. Alone the child begins designing her ship in her early childhood, procuring the funds (or parts) by working part-time for other family members. After completion, the design is tested in outer space - usually in some dangerous environment or even a battle. The now grown up daughter uses this very shuttle to explore Terran space in search of a husband.

Militarily designed shuttles are always a sight to behold. They are also the first target you lock your cannons on. 

Terran Minarchy, same as other Star states employes shuttlecraft designed to accompany military units. Those military shuttles are armed with point defense turrets, their hull is covered with armor-plating and more often than not, they also have energy shields. Far from being a combat support vessel like the sturdy dropship, a military shuttle is nevertheless invaluable to any infantry unit or starfighter squadron for that matter. The Terrans equip their combat shuttles with top of the line engines and boosters, ensuring that if their craft faces something they couldn't handle, the ship will nevertheless be able to escape. Often employed to ferry groundpounders between their mothership and the planetary surface below, military shuttles are considered to be the tough workhorses of a fleet supply unit.

Some shuttles are bristling with turrets and provide escort for other shuttlecraft.

Mainstream civilian models produced by an infinite multitude of manufacturers around the Galaxy have unsuccessfully tried for thousands of years to corner the most important market of all - recreation. Let us face it, the common shuttlecraft is the equivalent of a caravan, but in space. You have the freedom to visit a not-so-distant solar system, your shuttle's cargo hold packed full with camping gear. Or better yet, instead of that gear a rugged sports car for alien off-road activities. Owning even a simple space shuttle can expand the range of activities one citizen of the Galaxy can engage in immeasurably. During the centuries of exploring galactic denizen's past time activities companies have developed special models called Leisure-craft. 

Imagine @Fishman, reaching some distant planet and by use of your shuttle's grav-engines, you hover above its seas, lakes, fishing. Peace and quiet. Perpetual bliss. It is you, the hum of your shuttle grav-drive and, of course, the fish swimming in the murky waters below. There is no one in sight. As a matter of fact, there is no one in light years. Well, perhaps some pirates might pop up accidentally. Them, or a friendly slaver out to get unsuspecting tourists who wander around in their shuttlecraft in search of peace and quiet.

Or perhaps trying to fish for alien fish is not the best idea on some planets?

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