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Spaceship blog 10

AragmarOct 23, 2018, 8:28:16 PM

The Corvette

The smallest and easiest to build, maintain and deploy capital ships - corvettes are also the most numerous. Most Corvettes are between 300m and 500m long, with their width varying between 150m and 200m. Since these vessels can be outfitted to perform virtually any task in the fleet, one might consistently face all of its variants on a given battlefield. The standard, multi-purpose variant of this warship has a small strike craft hangar and more often than not, carries a battalion strong infantry unit. Its hangar bay can hold and service up to a squadron size strike craft unit and most corvettes usually carry fighters since their role is to create another layer of defense for their fleet. If they are not a part of some bigger fleet group, a single corvette can be in most cases the lead capital ship, with one entire strike group formed around it. Armament wise corvettes have strong point defense batteries, missiles, torpedoes and also small caliber cannons. Those are often particle beam guns fitted in armored turrets, and in case the Corvette is Terran - railguns. The number of turrets that are fitted on most corvettes varies, from barely a dozen to more than twenty, with some vessels sporting dual and even triple cannons per turret. 

Some Corvettes serve as light fleet carriers. 

No matter the star state that owns and fields these warships, for their opponents they are a force to be reckoned with. Corvettes do not go down easy since they have thicker armor, often their hulls are heavily reinforced and equipped with more than one shield generator. The extra troops that they carry make them a hard target for boarding - many also have internal security systems. Anti-material turrets, deployable armor-plates that block certain ship corridors, energy fields, deflectors, and even mines are employed in the protection of this ship. With such a defensive system, assaulting any Corvette is a living nightmare, except if the attacker, employs Power Armors or another type of heavy infantry. Nevertheless, almost any boarding attempt made is met with overwhelming force and many of the attackers die even before their mag-boots touch the corvette's hull.

The Corvette is the only capital starship still able to land on a planetary surface.

The commanders of the Terran Minarchy have, as always, their own specific, and vastly different than any other star state way of building and employing corvettes in battle. The Colonial Navy Strike Teams are formed around one heavily modified Corvette, which acts as a flagship for the highly mobile unit. The Terran corvette is, in essence, a fast-moving, light carrier that still has its main defensive weapons, but lacks half of the armored turrets present on most standard alien designs. Instead of one meager squadron, the Terrans can usually deploy three, of that one is always a bomber and the other two, fighter squadrons. Forming around the Corvette are a couple of squadrons of Raid ships and Escorts who together, with their flagship's significantly larger than normal strike craft complement, represent the offensive punch of the Strike Team. To compensate for the lack of cannons, Terran corvettes are equipped with torpedo emplacements - bow, port, starboard, and aft. With some starships even sporting dorsal and ventral torpedo launchers. The size of the ordinance is exactly the same that their bombers launch, and in case that either is damaged the other can make use of them. The Strike Corvette as Terrans call this design is almost never sent in the first attack wave. After their enemy has been sufficiently damaged, their formations shattered and specific starships isolated, then and only then the Strike Corvette slips out of hyperspace reinforcing its strike craft squadrons with devastating torpedo volleys. Ops officers serving on these starships are so proficient in the use of their EWS systems that they literally overload their enemy's sensors with all sorts of fake signals. So much so, that it has become now a decade old tradition for other Fringe space navies to call Terran Strike Corvettes "Hell Tricksters"

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